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  1. Default Beginner's Handbook to DFO

    Because I am THIS bored.

    Nah. Boredom isn't the real reason I wrote this. The main reason is because starting a new MMO can be intimidating. All those NPCs, weird buttons on your UI, skill trees, where is a fresh face in Arad to begin? Hopefully this little guide can help lighten the load on your first time online and make your transition to a DFO pro a lot smoother.

    -Table of Contents-

    I. Menus
    a. Settings
    b. Hotkeys
    c. Chat
    d. Map of Arad
    II. Important NPCs
    a. Grandis
    b. Loton
    c. Kiri
    d. Roger
    e. Seria
    III. Channels, Dungeons, Towers and Blitz Points
    a. Blitz Points
    b. Towers/Altars
    c. Channels
    d. Dungeons
    IV. Miscellaneous Tips

    V. How to make DOSH

    I. Menus

    Okay, so you've picked your class, read the introductory comic (or not) and have now landed on the first map of the game. Get accustomed to the controls, slay the Goblins, etc. Easy stuff. When you rescue Seria, she will bring you back to her room and reward you. Now you can really begin.

    Before you go Dungeon Fighting, I suggest taking a look at the menus and set up things to your preference.

    On the bottom of your UI you'll see these five blue buttons. Click on them to bring up various menus to use at your leisure. (Or press the hotkeys once you've set them) Something to note on this menu is Professions.

    When you hit level 20 you can take up a Profession. A job within your job. Once you complete the quest and become your desired Profession you can put all those items NPCs gave you from gifting to use.


    Clicking on Hotkeys will allow you to edit quite a lot of DFO's key commands. I suggest you go through 'em all to be able to play as comfortably as you can.[/spoiler]

    On the top left of your screen is your text box. This is where all of your chatting, dungeon info, etc. will go. You can click on the various tabs to disable what you don't want to see. It can get quite spammy in dungeons with every option enabled.

    Due to recent changes in the Rebirth patch, you can now have all chat options on a seperate window if you play in windowed mode.[/spoiler]

    Map of Arad

    Pressing your map key (default is N) in town will bring up a map of the Arad continent.
    Here you can search Quests, Dungeons, NPCs, and see where your party members are by using the drop down menus located up top. Pressing your map key in dungeons will allow you to see where the Boss is located.

    II. Important NPCs

    Arad has many NPCs. Some are more important to you than others. Which means you'll be visiting these NPCs quite a bit.







    III. Channels, Dungeons, Towers and Blitz Points

    Blitz Points - When you start a new character or begin DFO each day at 6am PST you will be given 400 Blitz Points (BP) to use in dungeons. The little blue bar above your menu buttons is your Blitz Points. Each time you enter a room in a dungeon your BP depletes by 1 point. When you run out of BP you enter 'BLITZ OFF' and become a plague on society. You'll no longer get ANY drops from dungeons. This affects your party as well.

    Towers/Altars - These can be located in the Valley of Fallen Souls on your map. You are given 5 Invitations to enter a Tower each day, and it resets at 6am PST like BP. Towers don't use up BP. There are two towers and altars in our version currently, with more on the way.

    Tower of Illusion (15 Floors) - Easier of the two. Can be soloed during your lower to mid levels.

    Tower of Death (45 Floors) - As it's name implies, you could possibly die. A lot. This tower is very difficult to solo to completion at lower and mid levels.

    Altar of Inifinity - This is the first of the two altars that you will be able to enter. When you enter AoI you'll have to clear 15 waves of enemies to get your reward. At the end every 5 waves you'll have to face the room's boss before you can move on. When you finish all 15 waves and defeat Agares you'll be awarded a 'Reaper Blood' which will come in handy.

    Altar of Ascension - Hands down the toughest dungeon in the Valley of Fallen Souls. You won't get to do this place until you reach level 65, and you can only enter 3 times a day. You have to survive 7 rounds of really tough enemies to come out on top in this place. There is an easy and a hard path. Taking the easy path is pretty much a no go, since some of the enemies are harder than the hard path. Just go all hard and learn their gimmicks If you can defeat Anodron you might be rewarded with a Bind Sphere which can be sold for good money or used to get random equipment.

    Channels - As you level up and progress through Arad's continent you'll want to change your channel to match the area you're in. Not only does this give you extra EXP, but it also helps you find parties. Since you're probably just beginning, you'll want to stay in the Grand Flores channel, and change to the Sky Tower channel when you get there.

    Dungeons - Finally, we have the main course of DFO. Dungeons are where you'll be spending a lot of your play time. Each dungeon in the game has 4 difficulties to choose from once you've unlocked them. The higher the difficulty you clear a dungeon on, the more EXP you will receive.

    Normal Road (EXP: 100%) - The default difficulty when you reach a new dungeon and the easiest. Monsters have low HP and below average AI.

    Experts Road (EXP: 140%) - A small step up from Normal. Monsters gain more HP, attack and have slight evasion and AI increase. Unlocking this from Normal Road is too easy.

    Masters Road (EXP: 180%) - This is where you'll start to feel the pain. As expected, monster HP, attack, evasion, and AI is boosted even higher. You need a B rank or above from Experts Road to unlock this difficulty.

    Kings Road (EXP: 220%) - Lastly we have Kings. I hope you brought some potions. Monster HP, attack, evasion, and AI is at an all time high. To unlock Kings Road you need an S rank or above from Masters Road.

    So you're probably wondering how to keep your rank above an S so you can unlock Kings Road. Each time you strike a monster twice, a combo counter will pop up on the right side of your screen. As long as you hit a monster more than once you'll keep up a high rank. However, if you have a habit of striking a monster once and dropping your combo, your combo rate and rank will suffer.

    -It's easier to get S ranks with less people. Maybe it's me but I noticed the rankings were influenced by the performance or lack thereof of party members. So if you wanna get Kings it's best to try and solo Masters and whack everything twice before they die. -Aesop.

    You'll also notice some monsters in the dungeon seem to glow. These special monsters are Champion or Mutant monsters. They usually gain some special God tier buff to help them out. Killing these monsters will add a treasure to your reward cards and sometimes drop Ryan Cokes which you'll need to upgrade your weapons. The higher the dungeon difficulty, the more likely you are to find Mutant monsters.

    IV. Miscellaneous Tips

    -When you level up you will gain Skill Points (SP). These can be used to purchase skills from your job instructor.

    -Going to a dungeon? Grab every quest you can that applies to that dungeon. You can only hold up to 10 quests at a time, so stack them wisely. This helps you level more efficiently. Don't forget your Epic Quests as well.

    -Loot everything that drops in a dungeon. Since you're just starting out you'll need all the potions, and money you can get.

    -Get into the habit of repairing your gear. If you let your durability run out and your weapon or armor breaks, you will lose all the benefits from that certain piece of equipment. After each dungeon Delilah will appear to repair your gear and buy your worthless items from you. If you forget to use her, there are NPCs in town that can repair as well.

    -When you reach level 20 you'll be able to advance to your sub class. When you complete the advancement, you will gain a free SP reset. Which means before level 20 you can put SP anywhere you want. After you advance however you'll want to plan your skill build better. Consult this planner to help you out unless you want to buy a skill reset from the Cash shop.

    -Epic quests will give you QP. You can use these to purchase permanent stat boosts for your character.

    -Be friends with the Auction House. The Auction House is probably one of the most useful features to be added to DFO so far. When using the Auction House you can search for, buy, and sell anything and everything except for Quest items, Epic and Chronicle gear. This includes avatars, weapons, armor, pets, materials, potions etc. (You'll need a Merchant's Kit to sell NX related items.)

    -Mail has an expiration time of 15 days except for Auction House related items. -Aesop.

    -A handy storage tip is to make multiple alts and forward specific items to them and/or invest in upgrading your safe once with NX. -Aesop & Felix

    In DFO, the "\" key is glitched and doesn't register at all. It's funky. If you use it while typing, it creates a void that throws everything off (but it still appears normal). Throw it in between letters of what would normally be censored to bypass the filter catching it. Like so:

    You naughty! -> turns into -> You @#&%!

    You nau\ghty! -> appears as -> You naughty!
    This is especially useful for certain combinations of words that aren't swears, but would be censored anyway.
    eg. "I wish it didn't break."

    -Pay attention to your armor mastery. If you're playing a Mage you should not be wearing Plate armor. Check the general tab in your skills window to see what armor you should be wearing. -Dave

    V. How to make DOSH

    Yeah,'re just starting out. You're poor as dirt. You probably will always be poor as dirt unless you take some initiative and get yourself into the market. This section is to help you make some sweet money without spending NX or relying on the RNG. Most of these steps can be done as soon as you start the game, but it helps to be higher leveled. But be careful, this may take a fair bit of GRINDING. Oh wait, you're playing an MMO; shut up and deal with it.

    So yeah...believe it or not, the secret to being wealthy in DFO (or any MMO for that matter) has been yelled at you since you started. Don't believe me? Check out this suave son of a bitch:

    Yeah. Deep stuff. So with that in mind, having a fair bit of capital on hand helps. But isn't necessary until you get to that point.

    STEP 1: I'm sure you've found Lost Treasures in a dungeon before. They require a Skeleton Key to open them and get their goodies.

    "But Mark! Skeleton Keys are an NX item!"

    OR ARE THEY? Remember Altar of Infinity? Yeah. Reaper Bloods. Every Friday at around 8PM EST if you've done AoI, you'll get mail that has an Agares Minion inside. You can summon him inside dungeons and trade in 3 Reaper Bloods for 1 Skeleton Key box. Inside the box there is a chance to get 1-3 Skeleton Key Fragments. Bet you can guess where I'm going with this? That's right. Farm those fragments and save up a nice collection to use on Lost Treasures.

    "But Mark! Lost Treasures are RNG!"

    SAVE THE KEYS. I know it might not seem like a good deal. But every once in a while Nexon will put something in these treasures that are worth farming AoI for. As long as you don't be a dummy and open your treasures when there's nothing worth getting, you'll get a hefty payout. Some mega money makers they've released in the past are: Elemental Tears, various monster cards, Premium Golden Candles, Askah/Leah Eggs, and Equipment Protection Tickets. I once pulled 200mil in about 30 Treasures. Makes it worth ignoring the RNG aspect to me.

    STEP 2: So this is where having capital helps. Don't feel like farming keys? Then pay attention to the prices on the special items that come out of Lost Treasures. All you have to do is watch and wait. Buy some of the items when they're at their lowest point during the event and then hold them. For a long time. As long as you feel comfortable with. Eventually when the items are removed from the Treasures, they will increase in price. Ratria Tears, at their lowest point were about 4mil. Now they're up to 60mil. Buying low and selling high. COMMON SENSE.

    STEP 3: This is basically like step 2, except you're searching the Auction House for general goof ups, mispriced items, bargains, etc. This takes a lot of time, but if you know what to search for, you might get lucky. Every item has an AAP. (Average Auctioned Price) You can use this to your advantage to get really good deals from people who don't know what they're doing. For instance: "Siev's Masterpiece - Proof of Concept" currently has an AAP of about 2mil But is worth WAY more than that. You probably won't find a Siev for the AAP because it drops at higher leveled areas where people aren't morons. (Maybe.) But other items may yield better results. I'm not giving any away, so do your own research.

    STEP 4: ???

    STEP 5: PROFIT. Really, that's it. These may not be the fastest methods of making money, but at least you'll be guaranteed wealth as long as you invest some time in the market. Sure you might find a pink item in a dungeon once in a while, but that's hardly reliable. These steps are fool proof plans for being a snobby rich bastard.

    Well, that's all I can think of for now. I tried to include stuff in this guide that wasn't so obvious at first glance. Feel free to post suggestions and what not.

    Last updated: 6/1/12
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  2. Default

    Very nice, Mark. I'm impressed that you actually wrote out all of this in order to help people. I didn't know you were that kind of guy.

    -this thread needs a like button-

  3. Default

    He isn't. He just caved into Felix's threats again.

    You should note that it's easier to get S/S/S ranks with less people. Maybe it's me but I noticed the rankings were influenced by the performance or lack thereof of party members. So if you wanna get Kings it's best to try and solo Masters and whack everything twice before they die.

    Oh and uh, mail has expiration time of 15 days except for Auction House related items. A handy storage tip is to make multiple alts and forward specific items to them and/or invest in upgrading your safe once with nx.

  4. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
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    Ooh thank you for this, I learned some new stuff. I had no idea about Towers until now.

  5. Default

    Mark is a very nice guy when it comes to DFO. He's just a jerk to the maplestory players.

    Very nice guide by the way! You should post this on DFOS since there isn't any guide like that(I think).

    Edit: I'd like to point out something
    I already got a legacy from a card at the end of a dungeon so I guess they can come out of these.
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  6. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
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    Oh, I've seen in some DFO videos points showing up that weren't crit rates, any idea what that's about?

  7. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Great guide Mark. +1 justice to helping SP DFO players!

    Will Felix let me give a hand at a beginner's guide to all the classes, and/or maybe a dungeon/Tips and tricks guide?

  8. Default

    Not being a jerk. I just like to take jabs at Maplers. But as for the guide, it stays here. DFOS rustles my jimmies. Also, do you have a picture of a reward card giving a Legacy? Pretty sure that it's impossible.

    The blue numbers? That's just bonus damage. It usually happens when people in a party attack a monster together.

  9. the Immutable Neuter
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    What about SSA?

  10. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
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    Nono, I mean the Style, Technic and Hit on the right. I mean, I've never seen anyone else have that.

  11. Default

    Yes, I'd like one from the pros, because I may need some tips on my battle mage, and I DO need some on the grappler I'm restarting.

    Nice guide, mark! :D

  12. Default

    If that place ever comes out of it's coma...maybe.

    Oooh. That was the old set up we had before Priest patch. Style was calculated by hitting monsters in the air, and Technic was from hitting counters, back attacks and overkills. Hit counter showed you how many hits you have taken. The old system made it pretty hard to get consistent S Ranks in higher dungeons, so it was scrapped for the one we have now.

  13. Default

    Hey, I've always wondered what this was, you know when you finish a dungeon, and at the reward section where it shows the treasure chest? What's the number out of 140 for?

  14. Default

    Sadly, I was starting to play at that time and thought this was perfectly normal. But i can tell you it was in a Grand Flores dungeon (Mirkwood I think) and it was the level 15 legacy katana. I'm 99% sure I actually got it from a card.


  16. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    That's really nice, Mark! Would have been uber helpful when I began.

    But... it does!

  17. Default

    This guide made me moist.


  18. Default

    Thanks for the guide. Didn't know about the Towers and Roger's function before. Now I can do that quest from Lorianne.

    About the dungeons, what's with the exclamation and question marks that pop up above monsters' heads from time to time?

    Oh, and what about recipes? Is it worth it to make something from them?

  19. Default

    Usually it's to show the monsters noticing something, aggro, TARGET ACQUIRED, you gonna die, yay blood, etc. Question mark I really don't know for sure. lol I've seen them do it at a lot of goofy times (who put this TREE HERE AND HOW DO I GET AROUND IT). Or like when they lose you somehow or something. Not really sure what all triggers monster confusion.

    For the most part, no. Some recipes have great things (like Royal Ring and Belmyre Star), but they are few and far between. I toss most recipes. You can always check the AH (for the forged result or recipe itself) to be sure.

  20. Default

    Wow. I am indeed a Slowpoke now. I always thought those commands still worked.

    Exclamation point means the monster is pissed at you, and going to hunt you down. Question marks mean that they're confused. This usually happens when they run into idiots.

    As for recipes, some items can only be obtained from using them so, if you have the materials why not?



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