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  1. Default Patch time is almost upon us!

    Just a few reminders from your friendly neighborhood Chin.

    1. Download those patches!

    Oftentimes when a patch file gets posted, I get PMs stating that the patch file is up. That's all good and well. However, being the human that I am, I need my sleep. So sometimes Nexon posts a patch file and they remove it before I can wake up to get it. Then I'm left with PMs stating that there's a patch file posted... and no patch file. :(

    Please guys, when you see a patch file on the Nexon FTP, download it, upload it to your file-sharing site of preference, and post the raw patch file in the Pre-patcher thread. That would help me out and help others too.

    If there are several versions of the same patch put on the FTP, remember that I specialize in finding differences between patches! I can figure out what they decided to change (no matter how minute, even one little variable). The more patch files get posted the better!

    2. Viruses in the pre-patcher? FALSE!

    I've gotten two reports of users downloading a pre-patcher that had their accounts compromised because of it. These users downloaded the pre-patcher from another megaupload link, and the owner of that link said that the pre-patcher was from me. This is completely false, as I did not distribute a 0.60 patcher. To stay safe from viruses, keep this in mind --> only download pre-patchers from the pre-patcher thread. If you do not download it from there, it did not come from me.

    3. Expansion of the database is coming.

    All extracted WZ files will be posted within the following few days. Be on the lookout for an update to the database topic.

    Always chinchillin',

  2. Default

    Aye Aye sir! I hope we get something beginning with "monster" and ending with "book" in the data...

  3. Default

    Aye Aye Cpt. Paul! :)

    We'll be on the F5 crow's nest! :P

  4. Default

    Thanks again,Fiel ;P!
    Keep doing your good job D:!

    Always chinchillin' :B

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    Oh good, an expansion of the database .

  6. Default

    If you use my prepatcher script, you can patch even if Fiel is sleeping.

    If you're using that and the patch file changes, move (not delete) the .patch file that gets auto-downloaded so you can post it, delete the .exe the script creates, and run the script again.

  7. Default

    Thanks for the clarification, Fiel.. ehm.. Chin

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    I didn't mean so much so that other people could obtain pre-patchers, but that I could do an extraction (though both go hand in hand, I suppose).

  9. Default

    Monster book UI is already present. :p

  10. Default

    Thanks Fiel, you're so awesome If there was another way to donate besides credit card I'd so give you like 50$

  11. Mercury
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    WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *Runs around the room in excitement*...Thanks Fiel!

  12. Default

    Totally saw that in my head.

    Can't wait, Fiel. :D Let's hope for no screw-ups on Nexon's part.

  13. Flatpanel TV
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    (Atten hut!) <Stands at Attention>

    *thinks* Oh great, can't stop until the extraction is out. >.>

    Can't wait, either.

  14. Default

    Oooh I thought you might be talking about Patching this site. lol

    I'm still waiting for the "changes" that you said are coming a while back.



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