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  1. Default [JMS] [v190] Monster book awesomeness

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    Here's my best guess at how all of this works based upon how the data is laid out. Please do correct me if there are errors! I have not played this in-game. I do not confirm any of the following to be 100% true or accurate.

    There was one thing that really surprised me about all of this. Scattered throughout the WZ files, sometimes there's documentation left by the kind folks who created each piece of content (in the way of "info/" blocks). What surprised me about this was that some of the info blocks were written in Korean and the others were written in Japanese. This leads me to believe that the Koreans began coding the information and the Japanese finished what the Koreans started.

    You are given a Monster Book, and you receive a certain number of points for your monster book as you collect more cards (the data makes no note of which mobs give how many points). Once you attain a certain number of points, your Monster Book levels up:

    PointsAll Stat

    It would also appear that as you gain more points, you level up a medal as well.


    There are different sets of cards that you can collect. Collecting a whole set of cards grants you a special reward. The most noticeable reward is additional exp, which ranges from 65 EXP for the lowest set to 3.8m EXP for the highest set. Also, the more difficult of a set that you complete the better stats you gain on an item. The Monster Book data says which kind of potential stat you can receive. The level of your Monster Book determines the power of the potential stat.

    Just a guess here, but let me give an example:

    One of the higher sets, called 降魔の十字旅団, gives two potential stats. One potential stat is +All Stat%, and the other is Ignore Enemy Defense. The level of the potential stat is determined by the level of your Monster Book. So if your Monster Book is level 10, you will receive "Ignore 15% Target DEF" and "All Stat +3%". Given that these bonuses work just like potential bonuses, I would assume that they stack as potential bonuses stack.

    The final bonus you get from a set is a "set score". I assume this adds to the total number of points for your Monster Book. There's a huge reward for collecting everything from one set, but it doesn't appear to be very easy to collect a few of the sets.

    Monsterbook Sets





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    Oh, cool. Thanks for this, Fiel. ^^

    Now I know how many points I need. I'm currently at 615 points, so I have +5 to all stats.

    Dang... 10,000 points for the "Legendary Collector" medal? FFFFFFFFFFFFf

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    Whoa! Multi-colored eyes now?

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    how come the extractions only show one area boss while Justin showed us like 5+ o_o

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    Because this is only new data. The other stuff is old data.

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    I am seriously jealous. This is the kind of small projects a game must have to be really fun. Collect this in order to get that etc and so on. I loved the monsterbook but it never really lifted from the ground since it did absolutely nothing. I wouldnt even mind if they did reset my monsterbook, as long as I could get all the impossible cards again, like the prime minister in Mushroom kingdom since you can't fight him after the quest is done. JMS seems smart enough to make such enemies cardless though.

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    There are twelve new ones. They're probably not in the extracted data because they probably were in previous updates, just hidden in the mass of the WZ files.

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    Heterochromia ftw. I wonder if those are royals only though?

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    Man, I want. This stuff is seriously cool and follows a different perspective to rewarding than usual. Instead of "Buy NX to get stronger", they're following suit of the "Hard work pays off" way of doing things.

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    Nice scrolls and all, but is it really necessary to make the Belt that pomegranatety? =/ Especially compared to the Shoulders.

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    Yeah, that's the only thing I was really disappointed about. However, I'm thinking this stuff was implemented to be a huge meso skink, like they did with Future Tokyo when it was first released. Due to the Chinese hackers that flooded the game for about a year, the economy grew dramatically inflated, almost like the economy in early 2008, so I think the prices of everything is super high to lower the meso count, because although the scrolls for the pendant give weapon attack, I don't think they were originally designed to be 100m each (unless their original design was just for the sole purpose of deflating the market, of course). I think the shoulder pad was well worth the 7.5m I payed for it, though.

    I love having cheaper potions now. :o Sorcerer Elixiers are 1,500 MP for 2.8k mesos. The 2000 MP healing potions only cost 2.4k mesos.

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    People would pay billions for that Shoulder Pad in GMS. Billions. And wow, your Sorceror Elixers suck ass.

    Doesn't JMS have Marks of Naricain though? Unless you're a ranged class that needs the HP, MoNs are better than those new Necklaces since they can at most be 11 all stat 3 atk. Otherwise, C/HTP I feel are still better since the stat bonus should outweigh the meager 3 attack if you successfully scroll +3 (12.5% chance, ridiculous price on pendant and scrolls).

    tl;dr OP Shoulder Pad for 7.5m is OP, pineappleing want so bad. Don't even have to scroll it since it's already a gigantic boost compared to the nothing everyone else is wearing. If they wanted to meso sink, they should have made that expensive as pineapple instead of the scrolls.

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    Yeah, the Mark of Naricains aren't in JMS. I really wish they were. =/ We have CWKPQ, but no MoNs.

    I'm slightly considering buying the pendant if I get the proper medal required for it, but that thought keeps dwindling. It's doubtful that I'll ever get to go to Horntail again and even if I do, I probably won't get any eggs to scroll my HT Pendant with. I'm not really thinking +1 to all stats and +10% HP/MP is worth 50m. Not to mention, the SCROLL for the pendant is f'ucking 100m each... Ridiculous crap. lol

    And yeah, I agree. I was shocked when I first found out that the shoulder was only 7.5m. Instant buy. lol The fact that it's tradeable makes it 10000000000x worth it. I only need to spend 7.5m to have an amazing equipment that I can give to any character on any account.

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    Seriously, that shoulderpad beats post-chaos forgeable shoulderpads even before potential, which forged ones can't get. F'ucking want.

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    Koreans started to program, Japanese finished..
    Perhaps GMS will get it as well :3

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    Detecting large quantities of do want in this sector.

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    screw all the godly, you have NO idea how long i have wanted heterodichromia as a set of eyes, like no freaking idea, for those that used and remember when basilmarket had custom sprites:
    even longer than that goddamn, DO WANT

    but the monster book idea is just amazing, it really is, i really like what they did with it, i doubt it will hit GMS though, knowing nexon's lazyness and "perfect grammar" redoing the whole book... fat chance.


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