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  • Yes at or around launch ($249.99)

    27 21.60%
  • Yes, but I'll wait until the price drops

    36 28.80%
  • Yes, I intend to buy one second hand as soon as I find it

    1 0.80%
  • Yes, but I'm waiting for the next generation (3DS lite)

    26 20.80%
  • I have no intention of buying a 3DS

    35 28.00%
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  1. Default 3DS discussion with Tokyo Gameshow Tidbits: Ace Vs. Layton

    I've recently decided to purchase a 3DS in spite of what I feel is a ridiculous price tag. The fact that I've wanted a second DS for a while and that I want to Poketransfer plays a big part in it, but also because the battery life on my DS is only like 2 hours now and there isn't a lot of point in me buying a new DS battery ($22) when I fully intended to buy a 3DS eventually.

    Do you guys intend to buy a 3DS? And if so, when and why or why not?

    There will be a poll attached.

  2. Default

    I would absolutely love to try one, but NZ's price tag stands at about $350 USD. While I could buy it, I refuse to on principle. It does not cost $100 per 3DS to ship them to NZ for sale.

  3. Default

    Completely understandable. You can probably buy one on Amazon and have it shipped over for the same cost I'll pay for it after taxes in Canada (282.50)

  4. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Gives the phrase
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    I'm buying it on launch since getting it after launch without a reserve is going to be like the Wii all over again.

    Paying no Taxes on mine (Yay for going to college in a state with no sales tax)

  5. Default

    I've never been really big on the 3D craze for anything, and then adding onto it the price just makes me not have any interest in it. I'd rather buy a 360 with that amount of money.

  6. Default

    NZ runs on PAL, American runs on NTSC. That means If I wanted a game that would also have to come from America. Though it probably would be for the best. For example, our version of Pokemon Black / White is being sold for about $70-75 USD.

  7. Default

    Oh right, I forgot. I was looking up the specs on wikipedia the other day and noticed it was completely region locked, which is kind of a step backward. Your prices are insane.

  8. Default

    Welcome to New Zealand, where we pay more than international price for our milk, despite being the country that produces the world's milk. And that's the beginning.

  9. Default

    What if: Yes, but don't have the money. Also would rather wait for some sort of tt3ds.

  10. Default

    depends on the pricing? Its around 250 right? that'll take me a while to save up for :(

    I'll get one eventually i suppose. I'm a nintendo person so I buy all thier hand helds since i knew what they were. (started with gameboy color and upgraded whenever the system changed cartridges- purple gameboy color, silve gameboy advance, and an original DS that everyone lols at cause it's so damn old)

  11. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    I don't have anything right now that's making me go DO WANT just yet. Most likely I'll wait until it gets a little cheaper, or it comes with a bundle such as Mario/Zelda/Metal Gear.

  12. Default

    I'll be pissed if I buy it and then a Paper Mario 3DS boxset comes out.

  13. Default

    One of the main reasons I'm getting a 3DS is the same reason as Sarah. I've had my DS for so long (I got it around its launch), that the battery life is barely over half an hour long. Most of the time, I don't even take it off the charger, because there's no point.

    I'm also anticipating a number of the 3DS titles coming, like Paper Mario 3DS, Animal Crossing 3DS and the Ocarina of Time remake. Plus all the little things the 3DS has with it (that Augmented Reality stuff is pretty awesome) has made it a definite buy for me.

    Although I probably won't get it at launch, but rather wait until one of the titles I'm waiting for is released.

  14. Default

    I don't think I'm going to bother buying it RIGHT at launch. All the release titles look horrible. The only one that is somewhat interesting is Rayman, but I don't plan to spend my money on that. I'll just wait till OoT or something along the line is released.

  15. Deluxe Refrigerator Male
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    Pre-ordered, because I have a feeling, if advertising kicks in, it'll be hard to find, like the wii. I mean it already broke presale records in Japan and the UK.

  16. Default

    Most likely holding out until July to nab one up. Wanting to see if they plan any bundles or alterations before getting one, seeing as two weeks after I got my Light Blue Nintendogs DS way back when the DS Lite came out and made me pretty mad.

  17. Default

    I'm either going to buy it as soon as I get the money to (assuming it's not sold out in back-order by then) or I'll probably get it as a birthday present (doubtful).

    I don't plan on getting one until OoT 3DS comes out, though.

  18. Default

    Waiting for next school year, then i'll be paid to study. pineapple yeah.
    Wont be hard to get one by then, and possibly it'll be slightly cheaper and maybe there'll be a box-set or something cool, for example the 3rd game of black and white if they plan on releasing such a game
    Who knows.

  19. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
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    Getting one either when the price lowers or when a good game comes out (Paper Mario 3DS pls).

  20. Default

    I intend to get one, I've been using the DSFat since launch and this appears to be the first worthwhile replacement.



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