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  1. Harrisonized

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    What is the amount of EXP needed to reach Lv 30 for amount?
    My mount is Lv 18 right now, with 14xx exp.

    Also, what is the maximum amount of EXP possible? Is it 30K like fame, or can it level indefinitely? And at Lv 30, how much tiredness can it stand?

    ~Thanks in advance.

  2. Default

    Max tiredness is 200, it starts getting tired at 195.

    The max EXP varies from person to person, but the highest I have seen is 4608. Mine is at 4,600.

    Also when I changed servers, the EXP reset, and I had a different max EXP each time. weird.

  3. Harrisonized


    I've also noticed, that a mount initially, when I obtained it, gained 1 exp from 4 tiredness. Then at (I forgot which level), it became 1 exp per two tiredness, and then 1:1 ratio, and now that my mount is Lv 20, it gains 2 exp per tiredness. O.o
    I wish I kept track of the exp.

    BTW, I noticed that in the website, it says that the dragon mount lets you evade monster attacks. Does that mean that in zakum, if you get on your dragon mount, you can fly to the other side without taking the 8K damage?

    Also, I noticed the 'swimming speed' thing, and my theory on it is that in Aqua, you swim (upwards) at a normal speed, but are still able to navigate on the floors with a 150% speed.
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    Um, I doubt it works on boss type monsters. It's really hard to make judgments about the level 200 mount's abilities. maybe some private server player can explain it to me.

    Swimming speed, I just don't know what that means. That might be it...

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    Private servers aren't a good source of information at all concering most things, mounts included. The level 200 is the same as the level 70 and 120 except for appearance and the stats that it gives to your speed and jump. :s

    Evading monster attacks...I have no idea why a mount of all things would give you something like that unless they add avoidability or something. :/

    Considering it says monster attacks, such as magic and not something like touch damage, I'm going to assume that it is referring to the fact that you can easily jump over magic attacks that aren't over an entire area. :s

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    I believe that experience caps at whatever value it is when your mount hits level 30.

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    I'm like 80% certain that phrase is from the KMS announcement of that mount when it came out, I have an image in my mind of the first level 200 in KMS on that mount in HHG walking through snails and not taking touch damage. I'm pretty sure that's what it's for, avoiding touch damage from ordinary monsters while on your mount.

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    That could be, although I am almost positive that private servers never had it like that. :X

    Go stalk a level 200 and find out for us, Isaac? :P

  9. Harrisonized


    If so, then why is there such a huge range?
    Unless it somehow adds 4~5 exp points per tiredness at endlevel, and its 4500 to Level up to 30, then the maximum would be to raise ur exp to 4499, and then use a revitalizer when its at 200 tiredness again, which if 4 per tiredness would give u 120 exp which brings u to 4619, or 5 would bring u to 4649.
    Nvrm. You can't avoid monsters.

    By the way, today, I raced my friend with my mane, against her pig, and we had the same speed. Wth?
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    I don't think newts qualify as ordinary monsters. I'm pretty sure it increases avoidability enough to go around lower level areas without getting hit.

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    Possibly lag, from either end. I've raced people with Hogs tons of times, and my Mane (obviously) always destroys them. They're not broken or anything; they really do have 170% Speed. Haha

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    The dragon is flying, so my guess is that it can go right over small things like snails and such. It's probably also immune to things like yeti pounds.

    Of course, just because that's logical doesn't mean it's true...

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    you also have to think that Newties are aggressive and thus would be using their magic attacks that whole time. Was he taking touch damage or getting hit by magic? It's hard to tell from that video.

    Like I said, it's confusing. If anyone can shed light on it I would strongly encourage it.

  14. Harrisonized


    Time to see what the highest level possible for a mount is...

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  15. Harrisonized


    It's been confirmed! 4608 is the maximum exp possible for any mount. xD

    A level 29 mount forcefully dismounts at 190 tiredness.
    A level 29 mount levels at 4520 exp.
    Thus, I used a revitalizer at 189, and my mount's exp jumped to 4608.



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