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  1. Default Nexon: Addictive or Exploitive?

    How do you think Nexon games fare & relate to this article?

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    The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that MS doesn't give you an incentive to invite friends like Facebook games do.

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    They tried MapleMob and it failed miserably.

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    They've done a few referral events, they're just too easily abused.

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    Eh you could probably make an argument for either way. I think generally though, all their games are designed for people to play, have fun, and keep coming back, so I'd say addictive is a more apt term. I do think they exploit their customer base at times, but I think every company does that at one time or another. I'm not a fan of everything they've done as far as MS goes, but they've generally been decent to me, and I've never any of the problems with them that most people around here have experienced at one time or another. I am pretty happy with their treatment of DFO and Vindictus too, though I think that's due to them being less popular games. That's probably the same reason people can look back fondly on the old days of MS. It was a much smaller game, much smaller player base, and Nexon could handle it better. With the current MS, with such a large population of players, I think they struggle to balance things that previously they were better at. That being said, MS is still a wildly fun game to play, and I could see myself playing it for quite some time in the future so long as I only played it when I wanted to. Addiction wise, I suppose I am an addict, but I dont' think I'll ever be the type that has to play MS constantly. I play it when I want to, as with all F2P games, and I like that ability. I can go away for a month's event and not miss MS. I think in that sense, Facebook games and the like have far surpassed the addiction potential of MS. The constant pressure and reminders when you log in are too much for many to ignore. And while I know some people react that way to MS, I still think there's more room for casual playing and players in MS than in those games.

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    In Korea Neon is known either as an amazing company or a tyrannical company. The only people that like Nexon are the players, and the rest see Nexon as a money hungry company that turns the prospective next generation into pomegranate.

    ^This is pretty much, in better grammar and more emotional, version of what a Korean friend told me.



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