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Thread: [GMS] [0.90] Kaede & Hoblin

  1. Default [0.90] Kaede & Hoblin

    Check us out on Twitter!


    Other stuff to discuss:
    - New UI stuff for skins
    - New UI stuff for integrated joypad support










  2. Neutron

    IGN: Krytie
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    Alliance: KoopaEmpire


    Some of those CS items are nice looking.

    I wonder how you get the Zombie Army Ring.

  3. Default

    are we getting the same HT system like maplesea? :o

    isnt that what "fixed" the ht hacking problem over there?

  4. Default

    >Napoleon mount

    OH SHI-

    Preety epic stuff right there. And yay for Ulu.

  5. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    Wonder why Nexon never mentioned Ulu City.

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    Fiel, the data states that Ulu and Singapore are currently connected.

    Is there a possibility of entering Ulu City once the patch is complete?

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    Wait a minute! What's with all these Popcycle, adventurer ring tickets or whatever? Any info on this Fiel?

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    wtp @ the cards

    no halloween stuff... looks like a repeat of another years.

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    solarboy - couldn't tell you. It's attached to server-sided scripted events.

    Polka - The closest we get to Halloween is having a small army of zombies appear behind you when you wear the zombie ring.

    Slip - No idea. The portal used to go from one to the other has a scripted event attached to it. That could mean anything.

  10. Default

    Because they just added it to the added, they aren't releasing it yet.

  11. Default

    Didn't Nexon Korea add something for skins when they were updating the UI?

  12. Default

    Good to see that Kaede Castle mobs weren't nerfed.

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    Open spoiler for lots of WAT.


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    They've had that Change Skin UI for years.

  15. Default

    that's pretty cool. i noticed the roll call event ends on the 26th so i guess that's the actual halloween patch... 5 days before halloween. not the first time i guess.

    can we see the ring animation?

  16. Default

    Translated Crystal npc? Neo Tokyo hint D: Also, I see giant toad wallet and the other items needed for it. I am glad they fixed some of these names and didn't give us the same ones MSEA had. Very excited, thanks Fiel!


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