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Thread: Avatar Smegas

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Avatar Smegas

    Avatar Smega's are just about the stupidest things ever. I died so many times today because xxxx had extra cash to spend.

    Basically, when an avatar smega pops up, I get lagged. After I lag, if I get dispelled, I don't see it because the smega usually blends in with the color of the skill icons.

    Also, the people who spam these type of smegas usually have nothing good to say.

    So who thinks Nexon should start selling avatar smega blockers? And if so, for how much a piece (assuming the regular 90 day items). I personally think it should be 4K NX for three months.
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  2. Default

    Id say for a 1 day one 5k, but knowing nexon, theyd oly sell a 3 month one for 30k NX

  3. Default

    how about just having a thing in system options that lets u turn them off.

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    They should make one for 10k, at most. However, knowing how they are, expect 25k+ prices.

  5. Default

    No, they shouldn't sell them, they should GIVE them to us. Those avatar smegas are so annoying.

  6. Default

    good idea, but we know nexon would never do that

  7. Water
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    Ooops. I voted the wrong one. I didn't read the whole question and asked "Should Nexon sell avatar Smegas."

    I should stop doing that; that how I failed my Physics quiz.

  8. Default

    Would it be nice to have a avatar/smega blocker? Yup
    Would I buy it? Nope.

    They were annoying the first day or two but fact of the matter is, I dont even notice them anymore. I dont lag by them, they dont get glitched/stuck on my screen, etc. I personally find then lame looking to begin with so I dont see why so many people use them but that's an entirely different topic.

  9. Default

    Well..So whats the point of Avatar Smega if everyoune would turn it OFF?

    They have to sell it ;)

  10. Harrisonized


    Then they'd lose profit.
    If they had that function, I estimate 1/3rd of the people who spams these wouldn't use it anymore.

    However, if they sold a blocker, then probably 1/5th of the spammers would stop, but 1/3 of the MS population would buy these. That equals profit, which equals Nexon.

  11. Default

    I don't mind them as much. It would be better if they came on the other side of my screen, though. I'd rather it block my mini-map than blend in with my supportive skills.

  12. Default

    They should option to block, but not require to buy.

    I hate them too... I know when one is coming cause i lag for like 2 seconds... I also lag when someone enters the same map... so idc about these things anymore...

  13. Harrisonized


    If you're a mage and you get dispelled while an avatar smega is rolling, you can't see, and that makes it very lethal.

  14. Default

    I'm probably too cheap to actually buy them if they were a CS item, but I'd love it if they had an option to disable them.

    I used to think I didn't have a problem with lag from these things, but after adding a hard drive to my system I now have one. If I've been grinding in the same map for long enough, and no other players have come through, the drive that Maple's data is stored on shuts itself completely off. Now that's fine as long as I stay in that map and nobody comes in, but if someone else enters then the drive suddenly has to turn on and spin up before the character's appearance can be loaded. The same applies to avatar megaphones. This means the entire screen freezes for about 10 seconds, and I can hear the drive doing its thing.

    By the time everything un-freezes, I'm usually dead.

  15. Default

    An alternative solution could be that you choose where your buffs appear.

    Also, if a avatar smega blocker was implemented, I imagine they wouldn't lose profit at first but when no one buys avatar smegas anymore, they would.

  16. Default

    If they didn't lag people to death then they would be just annoying, and you'd never notice them. They are a problem, though, beacuse they kill people. >_>;

    I wouldn't personally buy it, since they don't lag me, but it would be nice for the laggers. :)

  17. Default

    I think if you complained to Nexon about this they'd just tell you to get a faster computer. I live in England and obviously have the lag that goes with living far away from the server, yet Avatar Megaphones tend not to lag me at all really. Although I guess I don't train in larger, more populated maps.

  18. Default

    Your location relative to the server deosn't make you lag more. But seriously, some people might like those in lieu of "upgrading your computer", because frankly, the former option is just a lot cheaper.

    I won't buy the blockers (they do nothing to me, seeing I can't do anything when I'm dispelled, and it's rather obvious to me when I DO get dispelled when I start hearing SOUNDS as I shoot my arrows).

  19. Default

    It doesn't?

    Well put it this way:
    EMS pretty much doesn't lag for me at all: drops are picked up instantly and portals are entered instantly.
    GMS lags, but is bearable: drops take around a second to pick up (individually), and portals take a good 5 seconds to enter.
    JMS lags pretty unbearably: drops take at least 10 seconds to pick up and portals can take up to a minute to enter.



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