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Thread: [Bowman] [RED] Archer Skill Builds

  1. Default [RED] Archer Skill Builds

    First Job
    Bow Master
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    There's the option for Snipers to max Thrust at the expense of max Blizzard. The only reason to get 20 Blizzard instead of 16 is because level 22 Blizzard has a 4 second freeze, but honestly, the only times I can think of where you'd be partying with a Paladin or White Knight is if you're bossing. Bosses can't be frozen and Mages should be the mob control (if you were using Blizzard for that, which is stupid).

  3. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
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    Just something I should point out while glancing through this...

    111: +3 Thrust [3]
    112: +3 Puppet [6]
    113: +3 Puppet [9]
    114: +1 Thrust [10]

    ^ Should be fixed, no?

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    plus someone said on the Combat orders thread that CO only raises 4th job skills past max level

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    There are other ways to raise skill levels outside of Combat Orders. Thrust is such a low priority skill since you can easily gain max speed from equipment. Six Thrust is already 18 speed. Add in 10 from a Speed Pill and you're 12 from max. You can get another 10 from your Crossbow since every other stat that comes from those is useless. I'd rather Blizzard do the extra damage every time I attack than move a little faster. If you want the extra speed, go for it. I won't stop you. But the main reason everyone caps Blizzard at 21 for the 3 second freeze is because the extra 9 skill points spent to max it give the exact same damage increase one skill point does in Big Bang.

    Fixed, thanks.

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    Can Blizzard crit now? If so, it'll no longer be this weak piece of pomegranate you never use for anything but freezing. You can actually use it where you'd otherwise use Iron Arrow. Speed is easy to get. Thrust doesn't need to be maxed.

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    What other ways are they? And Speed Pills have the unfortunate feature of using up Use slots, which could be a problem. Dark Nescheres, Dragon Shiner Crosses and Reverse Black Beauties are far more expensive than Golden or White Nescheres, so there's that, too.

    Anyways, I'm just saying there's the option. Either way you aren't losing too much.

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    I'm inclined to say no, but I haven't seen it yet. Maybe when I get some more time after Wings of Liberty, I'll reach 70 and confirm. 400% isn't crap damage anymore though, especially since there are ice-weak areas you can go to. And Blizzard can curve. One of the thinks that annoys me every time I see a ramp and switch to Arrow Blow.

    You can get them from items, and who needs more Use slots?

    Today (Aug 1st) I spent a point into Power Knock-back to see what effectiveness it had. It's changed quite a bit. It has an action delay that prevents you from spamming it, but you can use other attacks immediately afterwards instead. It also pushes monsters almost instantly instead of slowly sliding them, but the distance at level one isn't too useful. You also cannot use it in mid-air, like every other Archer skill, but it is Jump-Shoot-able like every other Archer skill. It does limit its utility for clearing ledges you're attempting to go on, but its 100% Knock-back at level 20 and instant movement shouldn't be bad, especially compared to spending points on an obsolete first job skill. Yes, you should have maxed Focus.
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    Use slots are useful for those of us who say, collect quest drops, hoard scrolls or use ciders or whatnot.

    Anyways, can you stack Dodge with Blind so you can increase your critical rate? If so, it might not be useless. AE to Blind monsters and crit everything as you keep spamming AE.

    According to this, Marksmen and Bowmasters get an additional skill, that thing with the bullseye and the purple + mark. What does that do? And I'm guessing the extra skill BMs with the icon similar to that of PKB is some kind of super PKB? That seems useless with PKB and DB.

  10. Proton
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    The skill with bulls-eye is Marksmanship. It bypasses enemies defenses at a set rate and passively adds HP to archers. The BM skill is Vengeance, I'm not too sure about that does.

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    As for the first job build, I got max Arrow Blow and it's great, really speeds up early training, and you won't really need single target much until around 3rd job at least, I also didn't get focus, since accuracy doesn't seem necessary once you are past the monster level, I put 20 in arrow blow and 16 in double shot in the end. I must mention that no minimal range is a god send.

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    I would prioritise Marksmanship earlier if you intend to Horntail or Zakum a lot. I otherwise feel that Sharp Eyes, Hurricane/Pierce take higher priority, and as well as Expertise. I would say it's more useful than Hamstring, though I'm not sure about Blind. The idea for Blind + Dodge is interesting, and I'll definitely check out how that works if I ever get to fourth job. Vengeance I've personally never seen in effect so I have no idea how useful it is, but it basically pushes away any monster that hits you while doing significant damage to them. It's passive.

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    It doesn't necessarily have to be with Blind, you could try it with Focus. Characters that already exist that will have to reapply SP won't have a use for Improved Fundamentals (IFM?) or AB/DS, so I'll probably max Focus.

    Vengeance seems pretty useless since literally every other Bowman skill is made to keep monsters from getting near you. It's the No-means-no character of MapleStory.

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    Would think some skills would be pretty useless later on. Since there's no more x/bow whacking, mortal blow and power knockback would have even more limited uses. The auto-kill from mortal blow doesn't seem all that appetizing to me... but I think at least dragon breath would end up close to replacing power knockback?
    Dragon breath is pretty useful for a marksman for collecting mobs together for piercing arrow in training.
    I rarely to never use blizzard while training now since frostprey does the job for me, so blizzard isn't all that important? o.o

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    Mortal Blow no longer has anything to do with close range shooting. It's just a passive ability to instantly kill monsters at low HP. I agree that it's completely useless unless you're training on monsters that take you many hits to kill.

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    Yeah I know, the stronger you get, the more obsolete mortal blow gets. If it includes the reduced exp part while being passive, that would make it even less appealing to put points into it.

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    But that's just it. You want to level up to the point where MB is useless, and it's faster getting there with MB. Likewise, adding points into Arrow Blow or Double Shot helps you level up quickly, and get to 3rd Job and replace it with Strafe.

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    Max MB: 20% chance of 1hkoing a monster with 30% or less HP. What monsters are you training on that take more than 4 hits to kill?

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    Players that already has a high level or plan on going longterm with an archer, would be better to skip out or avoid putting more points than needed on some skills, especially ones that eventually will become obsolete or never use anymore. Unless you're going to do a build that has no extra points to dump them into?

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    I don't remember exactly, but it takes somewhere in the 6 - 8 range of Strafes to down a Newtie.



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