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  1. Default The revealed potential thread!

    Simmilar to scrolled items thread, but about potential :D

    Did you say STR dit or dualblade? XD

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    that's pretty good. My overall now gives me +18 dex and it's scrolled >.>

    Uploaded with

    lol good str bandit dagger O_o

    I also like how a message pops up and says "you has potential item LOL"

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    Equates to a +5 LUK bonus and a +1 STR bonus. Given I am getting +1 STR with a +3% STR bonus when my base STR is 4 (total 49) leads me to believe this is added on total STR, not base. Smooth. Assuming a rollback, I'll find another and cube it to hell. Best looking blue cape above level 70 :(
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    That's the 2nd equip with potential I have found so far.

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    The poison does 100 damage...

    Golden Smith Hammer received +10 matk +5 int. :x

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    Looks to me like getting items to be epic/unique and have +% stats is gonna be more difficult than previously thought.

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    I've revealed about 20 items so far.. and all of 1 of them have been good (70 top, +8 LUK +4 LUK).

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    This actually pleases me. Knowing that not everyone and their mother will be able to get +9% stats on every lvl 70+ equip. SCG/PAC/FS's (Above avg ones) still haven't lost their worth.

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    I dont have it on me, cause I gave it to a friend.
    But, LV88 Blue Mage Female overall.
    Found it as a drop, magnified, +15LUK in total then +3 from original stats.

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    These are all I got so far. Hunting for capes and earrings at Harps.


    Dark Studded Pants

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    Looks like rare is quite common (haha).

    Wonder what are the probabilities.

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    Got me a Niam (level 35 2H Axe).

    It got +8 Avoid and I think it was 5% to inflict Lv. 1 Ice damage.

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    I'll post if there isn't a rollback.
    Level 100 pirate shoe with +6 STR at first, revealing it got +10 STR and +5 STR.
    21 STR clean shoe ftw? Too bad I quit my bucc, or I'd be excited. :P

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    You can always give it to me, your fellow southperrian in need of decent equips.

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    I love the 10x equip drop rate. How many equips did you guys find and how many of them were Unidentified?

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    I got around 25 (10 of them were Kataras...) and only 1 was Unidentified. ):

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    I was wondering if we got that with the patch. That's freaking awesome. Time to hunt Gobies for capes.

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    I got like 20 different equips while making my DB and 2 of them were unidentified. That's pretty good, considering I was playing for an hour and half.

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    vikerola's might be better mang and u get the sexy black onez

    I got some green neos pants all i got was like +20 m def and 2% avoidability haha



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