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  1. Default [0.88] Monster Book Updates

    Meh. Didn't adjust the codepage for the untranslated text, so just assume question marks are still in Korean.

    Location Changes

    Drops by Mob

    Mobs by Drop

  2. Default

    Green Snail of the Maze?.. o_o
    Where's that from? Hob King PQ?
    Pretty nice drops too!

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    Considering it's home is untranslated it's probably not really in yet and they added it to the MB prematurely.

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    Those drops from the boss, are they the only non-nx way to get those dual blade mastery books?

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    They're the only way listed in the MB.

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    Oh god I really hope this isn't evan all over again..

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    I imagine that Green Snail of the Maze refers to Lex, because that's the only boss I know of that drops all three of those books. That and the three bars of ??? ?? ??? could easily be the Green, Red, and Blue Lex Earrings.

    Then again, that's just an observation.

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    this is like evan, but alot worse than that.

    and according to KMS ppl, they costs like 2900 3900 5900 5900 8900 8900 NX or something.(avg of 6066.66 NX)
    i hope GMS decide to make it cheaper, but i dont think it will ever happen lol.

    u have 2 options :

    1. buy them all with NX.
    each time u use NX books, you will get +1 SP on that skill, but its gonna be soo expansive.

    2. get it from monster
    you'll not get the +1 SP, but this is good way to save your NX.
    but they wont drop from the weak monsters.
    (i heard one of them drops from Papulatus.)

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    Are potential scrolls supposed to be listed in the Monster Book?

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    I assume not, since everything drops them?

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    That what I thought too

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    Yeah that's lame for them to leave out the in game way to get 3 of the mastery books.

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    Like there was ever any doubt that something like this would happen.

  14. Default

    It must have just slipped their minds.

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    So then, according to this, no monsters will drop Blades (Katara)? I know the events will do it, and I remember hearing up to level 35 can be bought, but have blades (katara) been added to maker as well?

    They've never really cared much for the monster book in the first place, so I doubt it is 100% accurate, but that still leaves me curious. I mean, DB were an event class in the version of origin which we often copy-paste from so it wouldn't make sense for them to have a nearly useless type of weapon dropping permanently.

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    Well, it's not like they stopped dropping blades after the time period you could make a DB was over, as far as I know, they still drop. Pre-Big Bang, Guardian Kataras dropped from either Horny Mushrooms or Zombie Mushrooms, if that helps.

    Oh and yeah, you can make kataras with Maker.

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    Really, the GMS prices arent bad. I added em up and got something around 37k.

    I know a lot of people who drop more than that on a single gacha run.

    It also seems a couple books will be coming from an event (at a chance), with any luck, they will be tradeable, and will bring down the final cost.

    Nexon NA also made a very smart business move by having DB permanent. KMS had it for a limited time, meaning only a certain amount of people would possibly buy the books. In GMS, people can get them made at their leisure, meaning more people will be willing to make them.

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    It's never been 100% accurate, it takes too much time and effort to manually adjust it every time they make a change so there are tons of things it won't bother to mention and new content in particular can take months to be added.

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    ...which is why I'm glad that Monsterbook is currently out of the picture for KMST at the moment. I hope that they rework it so it can be more dynamic as they did with the skills.

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    The downside there is if they do make it dynamic based off the server side drop tables we won't be able to extract it or do anything with it.
    It'll be a lot more useful in game though.


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