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  1. Default [1.2.324] (3) Last chance!

    No Cygnus/Aran/Evan/Resistance skill changes.


  2. Default

    Are there Heroes/Cygnus/Resistance changes aswell, but you'll post them later? Or not changes at all? I was still hoping for some Aran changes :S

  3. Won't Be Coming Back

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    Zilch for Bowmen

    pineappleing spongebob.

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    The only thing I think of that Heal uses the number 5 for is the number of monsters it hits.

    EDIT : It looks like... some kind of damage/heal modifier that depends on how many targets that aren't yourself you hit, cap being 5.

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    Is this it? And what does it mean by increased delays? Do you mean all skill delays or just the dice buff?

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    A color change :S, I could pineappleing WZ Edit that, nothing for Archmages :\

    They could still add stuff when the patch is released like they did with the original Balance Patch.

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    Well, this is hitting KMS in less than 48 hours, and their still changing pomegranate

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    Will they even try to fix Brave Slash? What is Nexon KR thinking

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    HOLY pineapple HOLY pineapple pineappleING HOLY pineapple @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    Wait what? 1.8x dmg nerfed to 1.33x + 60% dmg? You've got to be f'ucking kidding me.

    At least I won't be using Fury, win.

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    Two patches passed and no change made to aran/evan...seems like Nexon thinks hero classes (aran/evan) are well balanced...
    which is not truth, after patch aran and evan hold the 2nd and 3rd worst DPM among all classes...
    the worst is bishop...

    Currently I just stop playing and wait the 7/8 patch, hope there will still be some "balance" change even after the
    formal release...
    Or I am going to quit MS I think (I have bishop and

  11. Mercury
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    They made Brandish stronger? Thread title gave me last hope. Lost it. D:

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    Honey you're my last hope; who else can I turn to...

    NexonKR doesn't know pomegranate. They should hire Fiel. x.x

    Well...I can name a few others from SP that I think should be in the development team at NexonKR...

  13. Default

    I'm starting to feel as any marksmen, shadower or buccaneer before these changes. Sure it's not the same but... wow, way to fool us all. First they get us all excited about a Brand new skill that's fast and flashy, and then they kick us in the balls making us go back to brandish. I'm so fking mad at Nexon Korea right now.

    Edit post: Now that I read it again, Fiel must have been refering to BRave slash instead of brandish. Brandish DMG is 220 x 2. Brave Slash's is 190 x 3.

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    GG Nexon, nerfing my PA DK's main attack... but i suppose it doesn't matter if he's PA yummy red color at 120... i may level him now >:)

    Yey @ no more archer changes... that means i get my Ultimate Strafe, and godly Pierce <3

    Mages will be complaining though, and with slight justification.

    @ Cleric changes... google translator shed some light on it... apparently, heal now raises the resilience of multiple dogs by the &#37; you offer up to Marie, and also damages undeads.

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    Skill strings say +60&#37; as it has since this Big Bang stuff began. It might still be 1.6x damage. Overall a huge buff for Crusher though.

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    Really, it looks like they don't know what they're doing AT ALL.

    Oh well. At least people who thought that Marksmen would be nerfed were proven wrong. ;)

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    Ouch, poor DrKs. Even with the extra attack on Crusher, it's still weaker than what it is now. Well, Criticals and FA should make up for it, and at least Dark Force is easier to maintain.

    Oh and RIP Bowmasters.

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    Looks like NexonKR still loves ninjas to death.

    Looks like we Bandits are stuck with Shadow Partner (which I don't mind having), and Flash Jump (which I think is completely redundant because of Assaulter).

    Off-Topic: Did Rayquaza's display name always have a "+" at the end?

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    Archmages shouldn't be stronger than Evan :S, FIX IT!

    Can anyone confirm if you can actually poison bosses, and if Evan's Ghost Lettering does DoT.



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