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  1. Default Images aren't working? Click here.

    If you look through the extraction threads and see nothing but header images, there are a few ways you can fix this:

    1. Clear your browser cache - The images from the server are cached on your machine. If you clear the cache and restart your browser, you should see the correct images.

    2. Press CTRL + F5 - This forces a clean page refresh which always requests new images from the servers and never uses caches.

    3. Turn off private browsing - This sort of browsing blocks HTTP referrers. An HTTP referrer must come from or in order for the image to load.

    4. Try using a different browser - As a last ditch effort this might work.

    Regardless of what happens, I will not change anything on the server to make it work for you. If the previous things do not work, that's too bad. I've had too many people completely leech bandwidth and that can consume 40 - 50 GB of traffic a day that I can't afford. I'm sorry that you have to pay for what other people do, but that's the sad part about it. Encourage people to come to to see images and extractions. Thank you!

    -- Fiel
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