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  1. Default [1.2.326] (4) Really last chance!

    Gonna be upfront. No changes to thieves!



    Last edited by Fiel; 2010-07-08 at 04:57 PM.

  2. Default

    Requesting sprites.

    Is the chance of Blast Insta-Death per attack or per hit? Hitting a mob 3 times with 10% activation rate equates to Insta-Death to a mob 27% of the time....

    I'm a bit peeved at the lack of thieve changes. Unless I'm doing it wrong, Avenger is in need of a nerf badly....

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    I wanna see what new Crusher/Fury @ 150 looks like.

    @ Elemental Charges and Instant Death being reduced, but at least Blast got upgraded.

    EDIT: wait..if Blast hits 3 times, does that mean it has a 30% chance of instant death?

  4. Default

    God damn a nerf to DrKs.


  5. Can you hear it?
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    O boy

    Fiel after all the extractions can you confirm that brave slash is the same speed as brandish?

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    Nerf? Did you see the video?
    The 4 hit crusher was sorta overkill. 840% on 3 mobs with critical chance and def bypass. :l

  7. Default

    And mages get a direct 1.2 multiplier to damage. That's nice.

  8. Neon Atom
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    More 'sair upgrades? seriously? x.x

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    I hope that weapon atk from Ship stacks or at least doesn't cancel out apples. Lul @ 20% critical rate with Cannon. We sooo needed the boost.

    Nice boost for Mages too.

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    Did we have a skill called Magic Mastery in 4th job (mage)?

    Or is it just a bonus to the 2nd job skill that activates upon 4th job?

  11. Default

    LOL another white knight nerf....

    nexon is really working hard to keep the loladin a loladin class :D

  12. Default

    The video looked weak to me.
    That guy had a 15.5k or something range. Looked pathetic.

    Where does everyone keep getting def bypass from? Is it all that misinterpretation from the last thread or was there something I missed?

    New colors are somewhat exciting, pink will look good =D

    580% roar is also semi-interesting with only a 10 second cool-down.

  13. Default

    lol you count a "skill icon change" for MM a buff?

  14. Default

    Blast got stronger: 1,35*1,45*700&#37; < 1,25*1,35*8,4 and with 3 hits critical becomes more useful too.
    All other skills suffer though.

  15. Default

    I don't call it a nerf.

  16. Default

    maybe that was the intent because of fking COMBAT ORDERS? and they still have fking godmode

    Still waiting for "attack chance" description



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