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  1. Default [1.2.321] Skill Balancing - Edelstein & Leben

    Two new map icons were added this patch for places I've never heard of --> Edelstein and Leben. What could be up with these new towns?



    Also, skill balancing stuff is coming.... looks like they changed a lot of stuff. One of the first things I noticed was that they added mastery books for Hex of the Beholder, Aura of the Beholder, and Bahamut. Also, a lot of new skill icons were added.




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    Edelstein is purportedly the Mechanic town, controlled by the Black Wings, according to Spadow.

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    Apparently, what makes sense is that all three jobs are the RESISTANCE, fighting against the control of the Black wings on that town.

    So I'd say all three start in the same town. Makes sense.

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    Uh oh, is this the fall of the lolaneers?

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    More rebalances. I wonder how long it's going to take them to get it right. I think there are skills that they've changed back and forth on multiple occasions now.

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    Actually, I was thinking Mechanics are born in Edelstein and are with the Black Wings. While maybe Battle Mage and Wild Hunter are born in Leben and are a Resistance to Edelstein and the Mechanics.

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    Actually, if you look at the NPCs, you can see each of those guys are connected to the town... Just have a look at Spadow's and you'll see that the battle mage is undercovered as a street cleaner, the Wild Hunter as a policewoman, and the Mechanic as... A guy dressed as a human Teddy bear giving balloons to kids.

    So, Maybe Leben is their hideout, or they have an underground one. But all three linked for sure.

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    Edelstein's makes it look like the Mechanic's town. Plus it would make sense that they didn't release Mechanic at the same time as Battle Mage and Wild Hunter because they're with the Black Wings.

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    My idea is that, as Spadow gave me info, black wings are occupying the town Edelstein and therefore that leads me to believe that the Resistance is resisting their occupancy?
    Leben seems like the mine and will have all those mine monsters, and the main reason why the Black Wings are inhabiting Edelstein because of it's mine resources of Leben?

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    That sounds quite feasible, even if I made up that word or not, not sure.

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    On another note.

    With mastery books for Hex of the Beholder, Aura of the Beholder, and Bahamut being added I have to wonder if these skills are about to be buffed big time.

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    Yup, that is a word.

    Perhaps with a new rebalance, we can finally have them, I don't know...balanced?

    Edit: What I think, Meta, is that the maps changed so much that it would be impossible for those classes to do the skill quests to up the mastery level.

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    Edelstein - Gem

    Leben - Life

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    Yeah, the first thing I started thinking when I came into this thread was how the map icons are a little ironic.

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    Eldestein - New Town [Mechanic , Battlemage , Wildhunter]

    Leben - Hunting/Training Map [REMEMBER THOSE NEW MONSTERS?]
    = Mine?

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    Edelstein - New Town [Mechanic , Battlemage , Wildhunter]

    Leben - New Training Place [Remember those new monsters?]
    = Mine?

    Edelstein - Once a peaceful town, soon after later, Blackwing Conquered the town.
    Now it is the part of blackwing's "..."/ It it the center of the blackwing society
    - From Someone from insoya. I dont know if its true.

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    I can see bishops raging already.

    Boosts all around... except to bishops getting the nerf hammer.

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    Who else is hoping that instead of an area around Victoria this will be around Magatia/Ariant? Because this whole deal feels very Magatiaish.

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    Only Magatia monsters are too strong for beginners.



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