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  1. Default Submit any errors and corrections here

    See a problem with the skill tables? Something isn't accurate?

    Please post them here and I will take care of them.


    The "Fixed?" Column below has four different states:

    No - The issue has not been addressed
    CBD - Cannot be done - The request for something to change simply isn't possible.
    Scripts - The issue has been addressed, but only in the scripts on my machine
    Yes - The issue is addressed and uploaded to the skill tables

      Anchor tags for jobIDsYes
      Delay values ambiguousCBD
      List Afterimage hitboxes as rangesYes
      Label which skills consumes summoning rocksYes
      MP Columns not always first columnYes
      Change "Seconds" to "Second(s)"Yes
    SniperBlizzardElemental percentage displayed wrongYes
    MarksmanSnipeShould be labeled as cooldown time, not durationYes
    CrossbowmanIron ArrowList damage calculationYes
    F/PPoison BreathLevel 29 duration wrongYes
    MagesBig BangShow hitboxCBD
    F/PParalyzeList Paralyze stun differentlyYes
    BrawlerOak BarrelList as "% Probability to Fail"Yes
    ViperEnergy OrbChain Lightning EffectYes
    I/LChain LightningDamage reductionYes
    Dragon KnightSacrificeChange "% given to HP" to "% damage reduced from HP"Yes
    I/LCold Beam-100 speed removedYes
    HermitAvengerShould note that it consumes 3 starsYes
    ShadowerAssassinateChange chargeup time to be "Up to %s seconds chargeup"Yes
    CrusaderCombo AttackChange "State" animation to be more relevantCBD
    CrusaderShoutLevel 4 box missingYes
    AssassinCritical Throw"Critical" animation not used in gameYes
    HeroEnrageDescription is inaccurateYes
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  2. Default

    Sniper: Blizzard
    The column that should be displaying the elemental percentage states freeze time instead. The freeze time column only says "x Seconds" instead of "x second freeze"

    Marksman: Snipe
    Should it not read "x second cooldown" instead of "seconds"?

    Maybe some other skills are deserving of "Fiel's Note:", such as for Iron Arrow:
    For each additional mob that Iron Arrow hits, multiply the damage by 0.9. So the first mob receives 100% of the damage, second mob receives 90%, 81%, 72.9%, and so on.

    I'll add the things I'm consider later to this post, actually. Just not right now.

  3. Default

    Maybe add some anchor tags so as to have each job ID redirect to the exact spoiler, rather than just the thread?

  4. Default

    Yuppers. Scripts are all ready to go.

  5. Default

    Been around for a long time at the MSEA side, but since I can't always ask Hanabira to poke you, I decided to get an account here.

    So anyway, back to the topic proper:

    You might have to include the Rebalance changes as well, or make some note of.

    Level 29 Poison Breath (F/P II) duration should be 40 seconds instead of 58.

    MP column and Duration column for Seal (F/P III and I/L III) got swapped around.

    Could you add in the hit box range for Big Bang for all 3 magician classes? Seeing that all other attack spells (aside from the standard range ones) have their attack ranges spelt out.

    I wouldn't call Paralyse's disable condition as "stun"...?

    Infighter's (Brawler's) MP Recovery has 30ms delay? That's kinda short... just to double-check of course.

    Oak Barrel's probability should be "% probability to fail" for clarity's sake.

    Viper's Energy Orb needs a note about the Chain Lightning effect too.

    Would you like to include a hit box range for Barrage as well?

    Cold Beam (I/L II) should freeze instead of "enemy speed -100".

    Ice Demon and Blizzard (I/L IV) has a column that says "X freeze duration". Should be "X second(s) freeze duration". Incidentally, you might want to change all "seconds" to "second(s)" because "1 seconds" is grammatically wrong. Also, for Fire Demon (F/P IV) there should also be a disable duration of sorts?

    For Chain Lightning (I/L IV), your note about the damage reduction factor... isn't it a final damage modifier instead of a base attack modifier?

    Ok that's it for now. Will be going through the other jobs later. Joe noted the MM's part already.


  6. Default

    Level 29 Poison Breath (F/P II) - Error on their part. I'll set a chinchilla on it.

    Big bang - No hitbox labeled in the skill data.

    Paralyze - So what would you call it?

    MP Recovery - I'll double-check

    Viper's Energy Orb - That's considered a damage calculation to me. I'll be adding that in later along with all of the other calculations.

    Cold Beam - It shows an x = -100 variable. Enemy speed makes the most sense unless you have another idea of what it could mean.

    Chain Lightning - Basic Attack modifier is the same thing as a final damage modifier. Both are multipliers outside of the base equation. In other words, a * b * c is the same as c * b * a

  7. Default

    More updates for you to check:

    Power Knockback's MP column should be shifted to the first column instead of the last one. This stands for both Hunter and Crossbowman.

    For Swordsman, Slash Blast's range column should be shifted to the last column, and Iron Body's MP column should be shifted to the front.

    For Dragon Knight, Sacrifice's column "X% of damage given to HP" should be more accurately put as "X% of damage consumed by HP" or something along those lines.

    I'm not sure if you want to put Achilles as "X% of damage received" or "Damage reduced by X%"...

    For Gunslinger, you might want to indicate Grenade's range of 50% as the damage radius, in comparision to the throwing range which is determined by charge duration.

    For Gunslinger's Recoil Shot, the delay value is ambiguous because it doesn't indicate whether it's the delay value for casting another attack spell (whatever you want to call it) or the delay for repeated cast of Recoil Shot. I know there are alot of problems with the delay values for every class, and many are listed while equally many aren't, so you might want to give some thought about how you want to organise these delay values.

    Ok saw your updated post before I posted, so I'll add my replies here immediately as well.

    Big Band: Ah crap... I just wished that there could be a good hit box data somewhere...

    Paralyse... "X seconds paralyse duration" or "X seconds disable duration"? Because stun would be the one with the circles on top, so paralyse doesn't stun per se...

    Cold beam effectively freezes because enemy speed -100 would mean it... crawling? That would mean that it moves slower than a snail, but it still moves. Much the same as nependeath and stuff, but effectively it doesn't move anymore, so would freeze be more suitable? I know that's what the data says, but in actual gameplay the player perceives it as "freeze".

    About CL, my bad... because I forgot that the modifiers are applied before monster's magic defense damage reduction... (or... I hope I didn't mix up again >.<)

    I hope you don't mind me nitpicking on all the small stuff, but because you are trying to do a giant extraction and present to the SP community and other viewers as well, I feel that it should be as presentable and coherent, so arrangement of data should be as streamlined and methodological as well. If you want me to ignore some of the issues, please let me know. Saves post length too.


  8. Default

    Nitpick away. I don't mind. I'll address many of these issues in the days to come.

  9. Default

    Magician: Magic Guard and Magic Armour's MP columns need to be brought to the front.

    Priest: Doom's MP column and duration column to be brought to the front.

    Priest: Doom, Mystic Door and Summon Dragon lack the note about them consuming Magic Rocks and Summoning Rock.

    Bishop: Ressurection's MP column.

    Sorry, I don't play Assassin class so I'm not too clear about this... but what's the difference between "X&#37; attack" and "X% skill"? Just checking.

    For Hermit, should indicate whether Shadow Mesos break through Weapon Immunity... just for the sake of clarity. Also, Avenger's MP column, and should note that it consumes 3 throwing stars. And... does Flash Jump have a predefined data for it's jumping range?

    For Night Lord, Shadow Star's MP column.

    For Shadower, you might want to consider putting Assassinate's "X seconds" column as "up to X seconds charge time"... The presentation of this data has been a rather troublesome one everywhere IMO.

    For Crusader's Combo Attack, the "State" animation doesn't quite make sense in comparision to the animation we see when actually played out on a Crusader in-game... not a big issue actually. Also... I saw the missing data value for Shout... data issue?

    Ok that's about all I can pick out from all your extracts for now. I'll keep checking back for updates and to help you sieve through the errors.


  10. Default

    Oh hi! I see you finally decided to get an account here. :p How about hopping over to the Battlemage and Deeper Mechanics threads? XD

    %Attack and %Skill? Are you referring to Shadow Partner? Shadow Partner does 80% damage when the player uses a regular attack, and 50% damage when the player is using a skill.

  11. Default

    Oh ok. I see... thought it was something wrong with the data or something...

    In that case, the presentation of the data would be clearer if it's put as "X&#37; of skill damage" and "X% of attack damage". They're all suggestions of course.

    I also noticed that some of the changes at the 4th Job thread can be ported over here, in terms of arrangement and stuff of course (e.g. Assassinate's charge up duration column).

    The BattleMage and Deeper Mechanics thread is a little dead now... At least... not that much useful discussion right now. Unless you want to do more numbers?


  12. Default

    The current delay appears to apply only to recoiling a second time in a row. It does not effect any of the other spells that can be cast (from what I can see).

  13. Default

    I know... but the reader might get confused, hence I made that note. If you bothered to refer to the attack speed reference thread, then you would know what delay referred to, but I'm writing both from the lay man's point of view and one who is involved in such data as well (albeit on the application side).

    I won't be around for the next 3 days, so have fun spotting errors and correcting them.


  14. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 170
    Job: White Knight
    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour



    (Besides, there wouldn't be a jumping range. Rather, it would be a speedX-variable and a speedY-variable. If that's what they're called)

  15. Default

    The image animation for critical throw is not shown in game - Assassin.

  16. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Peaceful


    The description for (Hero's) Enrage is inaccurate.
    The skill requires 10 orbs to be charged, but it does not use them up.

  17. Default

    I wonder if the fact that it works with 9 orbs matters. o.o


  18. Default

    For the passive criticals, 200&#37; actually means +100%, and for taunt, +40% wdef actually means -40% of everyone's damage on the taunted monster. Also, how long do you think it'll take to make the dual blader tables? The ones that are up right now seem outdated.

  19. Default

    There are so many variables I don't know for Dual Blade. The tables are updated as of the latest patch. I suppose I just need to watch more videos.



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