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Thread: An update

  1. Default An update

    I'm sure many of you are extremely worried about SP going down for good in the next two weeks. Allow me to reassure you that I am doing everything in my power to stop this from happening. To shut down the site is a last ditch thing - if no one else is willing and capable to take one of my two roles.

    Luckily, I have found another party that is willing to buy the site and fully meets my qualifications. For privacy sake, I will not identify who the other party is. However, negotiations are going very well. We already agree on much of what the future site should look like. We have proceeded far enough with negotiations that now it's just a matter of writing up a contract between the two of us. The chances of SP going down for good appears slim - very slim - at this point.

    Here are some of the concepts in which we've both strongly agreed:
    - That the site remains culturally and physically intact
    - That there is an extractor for the forums
    - That the admin of the forums is also the admin of the server
    - A previously banned member should never hold a staff position

    I have received several offers for the site. Now that I'm counting them, at least four offers in the past week (one offer even being just for the domain name alone - no server). But this one I feel is going to be the best for you, me, and the other party. I'm fighting for you guys, the forum, and extractions 100%.

    Stay chinchillin',


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    I'm not sure on how I feel about this.

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    I'm glad to hear that something is being worked out and I hope you choose what feels most comfortable for you (as far as your future staff position goes).


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    Doesn't concern me too much as long as the rules don't become sh`ittier. Then again, I plan on leaving eventually, myself. So.. yeah.

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    So it's official that you don't plan on staying as an administrator on Southperry? "Option A" from your "An alternate suggestion" thread in the Suggestions/Discussion forum is no longer an option to consider?

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    Also asking this.

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    Option A is always an option. That hasn't changed.

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    I wonder who this new administrator will be and if he'll do good.

    Also asking the same question of Marton.

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    Not really honestly. It's better to see a good forum die early rather than it continue and become a horrible memory of what it once was.

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    I'm only wondering why you aren't revealing who this other party is.

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    for privacy sake, Imagine if it was me (and iIMAGINE that I am actually extremly skilled in extractions and have a lot of experience in wha Fiel needs but SP dowsnt know this). then Fiel reveals its me, people would start complaining as soon as possible and maybe I would get flamed.

    Imagine if it was you if you didnt understand my statment.

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    I don't think it's anything to worry about. Just general common sense- if the deal isn't 100% completed yet, it's not a good idea to tell who it is. Don't want anyone to harass them or anything.

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    Here's the thing, odds are, you're not qualified to run this site.
    If anything, we should feel more secure than worried (though of course it isn't bad to be worried) since SP will most likely stay and itll be under management that Paul approves of, and I doubt he'll approve of a shi't manager.

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    obiously I am not, if you had actually read my post you would have known that it was a HYPOTHETICAL situation ._.

    OT: Now im 60% sure the site will keep going :)

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    All I can say is: "Rejoice and be happy!" *Jumps in the air with joy*

    My day just got better knowing that the site won't go down.

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    This way we can maintain SP as a symbolic entity, a mental support, and an information source. But with our head of administration gone, it won't be the same for me.


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