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  1. Default [1.2.304] Strange items...

    This is one of those patches where you have to look at the patch notes to see what's really going on:

    1.2.304 patch notes


    Traditional Extraction





    New Maple weapons

    KMST is just announcing its 7th year Maplestory festival, so there are all sorts of events going on for that. There were even new strings added for Maple Weapons, so I'm not sure if these are just rehashes of the old weapons or not. Regardless, here are the names of those weapons:

    메이플 파이롭 스태프 (Staff)
    메이플 파이롭 모울 (2HBW)
    메이플 파이롭 스피어 (Spear)
    메이플 파이롭 보우 (Bow)
    메이플 파이롭 크로우 (XBow)
    메이플 파이롭 스칸다 (Claw)

    I'm sure there will be other equips. The actual data for this isn't even added.


    The new job(s)

    Regarding the new class, I can feel it getting closer and closer. They added a few new delay classes:


    Also, we get our first look at one of the skills - Double Jump! This skill animation is listed in the same place as the animation for Flash Jump for Hermits and Dual Bladers:

    If you also looked at the traditional extract you would see a new type of bullets was added. So, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a Pirate using guns. However, in the picture so long ago that shows all of the heroes fighting against the Black Magician, that too showed a Pirate using guns to fight the Black Mage. But if this is a pirate and if this is supposed to be one of the Black Magicians warriors, then why is he shown in the image as fighting the black magician? Perhaps there are other legend classes we don't know about.



    A new img was added to the Item.wz file called ItemOption. Its use seems cryptic to me at the moment. Here's what the file looks like:


    First of all, I'm assuming the first number is some sort of ID. Considering it's in Item.wz, I assume it has something to do with actual Items and not equips (if it had to do with equips, it would likely be in Character.wz or Etc.wz).

    Furthermore, there are several attributes I have never seen before, and some I don't even understand what it does. I'll write out here many of the newer item attributes and what I think they mean:

    incSTRr - Increase Strength Rate - This will increase STR by a percentage
    incDEXr - Increase DEX Rate - Increases DEX by a percentage
    So on and so forth for INT, LUK, Maximum HP, Maximum MP, ACC, Evasion, WATK, MATK, Physical defense, Magical defense, Hands, even Damage. One attribute doesn't make sense - IncrCDr - What is CD?
    IgnoreTargetDEF - Ignores your enemy's DEF - Reduces the amount that enemy's DEF affects your damage
    ignoreDAM - Ignore damage received? Not sure
    DAMReflect - Reflect damage a la Powerguard
    mpconreduce - Reduce the cost of spells
    mpRestore - No idea
    incMesoProp - Increase the drop rate of mesos (not the actual mesos dropped, just the drop rate of them dropping)
    incRewardProp - Increases drop rate for non-mesos
    incAllSkill - Add points to all skills in your arsenal
    RecoveryUP - no idea

    You might notice that in some parts of this ItemOption.img include "attackType". That's in reference to a new img they put in Skill.wz. It can be likened to their previous attempts to add status effects to items. I wonder if these status effects will actually stick this time? They never have before. Remember, they've been trying to do this since before Reverse items came out!

    • Poison
      • Level 1 - Deal 20 damage/sec for 20 seconds
      • Level 2 - Deal 40 damage/sec for 20 seconds
      • Level 3 - Deal 60 damage/sec for 20 seconds
      • Level 4 - Deal 80 damage/sec for 20 seconds
      • Level 5 - Deal 100 damage/sec for 20 seconds
      • Level 6 - Deal 120 damage/sec for 20 seconds
      • Level 7 - Deal 140 damage/sec for 20 seconds
      • Level 8 - Deal 160 damage/sec for 20 seconds
      • Level 9 - Deal 180 damage/sec for 20 seconds
      • Level 10 - Deal 200 damage/sec for 20 seconds
    • Stun (No probabilities are listed - look in ItemOption)
      • Level 1 - Stun for 3 seconds
      • Level 2 - Stun for 4 seconds
      • Level 3 - Stun for 5 seconds
    • Slow (No probabilities are listed - look in ItemOption)
      • Level 1 - Slow by -30 for 10 seconds
      • Level 2 - Slow by -40 for 10 seconds
      • Level 3 - Slow by -50 for 10 seconds
    • Darkness
      • Level 1 - Miss probability 70% for 5 seconds
      • Level 2 - Miss probability 70% for 10 seconds
      • Level 3 - Miss probability 80% for 15 seconds
      • Level 4 - Miss probability 80% for 20 seconds
    • Freeze
      • Level 1 - Enemy is frozen for 2 seconds
      • Level 2 - Enemy is frozen for 3 seconds
      • Level 3 - Enemy is frozen for 4 seconds
    • Silence
      • Level 1 - Enemy cannot cast spells for 4 seconds
      • Level 2 - Enemy cannot cast spells for 6 seconds
      • Level 3 - Enemy cannot cast spells for 8 seconds

    It would appear that everything to do with ItemOption has to do with ItemUpgrade scrolls where you can advance the levels of your item. The great thing about this is that it's not Cash Shop (yet, anyway).

    장비 강화 주문서
    Description: #c업그레이드가 끝난 장비 아이템#을 한단계 강화시킨다.\n강화차수가 높을수록 고급옵션 적용확률 상승, 강화 성공확률 감소\n강화 실패 시 아이템 파괴

    잠재능력 부여 주문서
    Description: 업그레이드 가능횟수의 차감 없이 일반등급 장비 아이템에 잠재능력을 부여한다.\n#c일반등급 아이템에만 사용 가능#\n성공률 90%, 실패 시 아이템 파괴


    New Skills

    KMST added new skills, but oddly enough not for any new class. They added new skills to beginners of all types (Adventurer, KoC, Aran, and Evan).

    • Haste
      • Level 1 - MP -50, For 200 seconds, Speed +20, Jump +10
    • Mystic Door
      • Level 1 - MP -120, Consume 2 magic rocks, magic door lasts 120 seconds
    • Sharp Eyes
      • Level 1 - MP -80, For 240 seconds, Critical Chance +10%, Damage +25%
    • Hyper Body
      • Level 1 - MP -80, For 240 seconds, Increase Max MP +40%, Increase max HP +40%

    I'm not sure how one goes about acquiring these skills. I'm sure these skills are for personal use only (Sharp Eyes only works for you, Mystic Door only works for you). These skills would be a powerful addition to any class, and I think the good thing about them is that it doesn't cause other classes to be useless either. Well played, Nexon KR.
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    if only i could read korean :P

    anyways looks interesting, but i cant really say much yet

    thanks fiel

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    Item effects looks like fun, but they'll probably end in bust again.

  4. Default

    Perhaps "IncrCDr" could be some kind of cooldown reduction?

  5. Default

    "mpRestore - No idea"

    Might be an increase in ones natural mp recovery? So instead of say 3mp recovered every 10 seconds it might get 40, or whatever.

    With "flamethrower" and new bullets it can only be a new gunner interesting which side it is on and where it fits in with other classes. Any hint of the class ID for it?

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    See the previous topic.

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    If it is a gun-wielding class, they better make them like gun-wielders are in other games, with stringing combos together with flashy skills. Not stand > attack > pot> attack > pot; as every class is atm, with the exeption of Buccs and DB.

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    Well, they were GM-only skills. But now this skill data is in each of the respective class data. I do not know what this is, to be frank. All I can do is report it and see what happens.

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    New beginner skills for everyone usually has something to do with an event or otherwise restricted for use in a certain area, like the mu lung dojo skills, pyramid attack, flying, etc.

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    Looks like a semi-overhaul of the equip system. They're making it much more complex. In addition to the ranks, items can have interesting skill effects like in other games. These skill effects probably come with the ranks. MP restore probably passively increases your MP recovery.

    One thing they can't really change is how terrible certain existing features of this game are. There are no interesting monsters to fight - they all die in 1-2 hits. HP/MP are useless stats except for to survive a hit, and then you pot up to full health. This makes a lot of features they could add redundant and useless. Why the pineapple do I care about a small chance of stunning or poisoning a monster when it'll die in 2 hits and freezing is already an integral part of my attack pattern?

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    Perhaps, but these four skills are simply far too useful to be only left as part of an event or PQ. Heck, what real use would the new Mystic Door have in a PQ/event area anyways?

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    It's great for mages. Increasing the amount of MATK by 4-5% is a huge boost. And given how the MATK formula works, it only gets better and better as you level.

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    I'm not saying it's all useless. The only attributes of any character in MapleStory that any one cares about are damage and being able to tank hits. So yeah, woohoo for more damage, but they could've straight up made mages stronger. What I'm complaining about is the system as a whole.

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    "One attribute doesn't make sense - IncrCDr - What is CD?"

    I would think Critical Damage rate. Just a guess, though.

  15. Default

    This is different from any other game how?

  16. Default

    Well, it'll make my Night Lord easier to play. Shadow Web is a pretty bad mob control skill.

    Not sure how it'll affect my Paladin though.

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    As an old Diablo 2 player I'd love even more item variation and attributes to show up on items, so I'm hoping some of these attributes are implemented. Way back when I started this game I was really turned off by how all equipment seemed to be class equipment every 10 levels and there was no variety. The game's much further along now (I must be one of those strange people that think it's good to have common class equipment that can potentially beat class equipment). Still looking for more jumpquest-y boss fights.

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    Not to mention that the stun would help Vipers a crapload due to the fact that we NEED stun for our best damage. ;s

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    I haven't played WoW, but I play DotA and I imagine the stat system/terms are similar. Things like HP/MG regen are actually useful in that context, because you don't have an practically unlimited supply of free full HP/MP heals. Armor and spell resistance actually makes a big difference on the amount of damage you take. Things like Bash and enemy disables actually make a big difference. In MapleStory, either you die in one hit, or you live and get off with no consequences. Monsters either die in X hits, or you have an inefficient method of training. Let's take a look at the list of things that this system adds:

    Damage/stat/Att increase by % - useful because it adds damage
    Maximum HP increase by % - useful because it helps you survive
    ACC increase by % - only useful for a few classes. Warriors actually have a decent check on their damage in this.
    Evasion/Physical defense/Magical defense/Hands increase by % - useless or not worth it when the other options are so much better
    IgnoreTargetDEF - next to useless because defense hardly matters in this game, but useful because it increases damage
    damage resistance/reflect - useless unless it increases survivability by a measurable amount, unlike defense
    Reduce the cost of spells - useless
    HP/MP recovery - useless
    Meso drop rate increase - useless because of how pomegranatety the in-game economy is
    Item drop rate increase - okay, this one's actually useful
    Skill point increase - useless because you can't break caps and most people max out the 3-4 most important skills immediately and 2 more points in Hypnotize isn't going to do pomegranate.
    Proc Poison - useless
    Proc Stun - useless
    Proc Slow - useless
    Proc Darkness - useless
    Proc Freeze - useless
    Proc Silence - useless

    You can't stun bosses and stunning monsters at a small rate increases your Dragon Strike damage output by a negligible amount. Won't make training any faster.



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