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  1. Default Keep Your Computer Up-To-Date!

    This is a guide to help you to keep your important computer components up to date, mainly graphics and operating system

    For your system information such as the version of windows, driver version/date, refer to this thread:

    Operating System Update

    Latest SP for Windows XP : SP3
    Latest SP for Windows Vista: SP1

    Keeping your operating system updated helps you to be safe while browsing the internet and such, also allows your computer to perform at its best.

    Start > All Programs > Windows Update

    If you have Vista, you can just do Start > Type “windows update” and you should see it listed.

    Wait for Windows Update to search your computer. (an IE window will popup if it is XP and Vista’s got Windows Update built in)

    Follow the instructions on the Windows Update window; review each of the updates to make sure they’re important.

    Graphic drivers update (DESKTOP CARDS ONLY):

    Keeping your graphic drivers updated prevents problems caused incompatibility with previous drivers and sometimes performance increase in certain games.

    I’m going to post the two main providers: ATI and Nvidia...and a bit of Intel


    Just select your operating system and card then select the green “Go” button at the bottom right corner.

    Check the release date of the Catalyst Control Center (CCC) and drivers against your current drivers and version of CCC, download and install the latest versions if they’re out of date.


    Using Option 1 > select the product type > series > your operating system, leave language to English, click on search.

    Click on the “Products Supported” tab and make sure your GPU is on the list.

    Check the Version and Release date, compare it with your current ones.

    Download (make sure you checkmark the agreement box) and install if yours are older.


    Follow the instructions on the Intel page to update your Intel graphic drivers.

    Laptop graphic drivers:

    Most laptop drivers require special drivers; they’re also not updated as often. For the latest drivers, visit your laptop manufacturer website.

    Some popular brands’ driver download site:


    HP & COMPAQ:


    ACER: <- Was very slow for me, use or for better downloading speed




    Windows XP (9c):

    Windows Vista(10): Windows Vista comes with DirectX 10, so no worries

    Keeping your programs updated (A Bacon Contribution):

    Tools to scan your computer for programs to update:
    RadarSync - - Drivers & Programs
    File Hippo Updater - - Programs
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    Great guide, but I'd like to add a few tools to this list. You've already mentioned the operating system and graphics updates, but since the title is 'Keep Your Copmuter Up-To-Date' I think there should be a few tools mentioned that can help you keep all your programs up to date.

    One of these programs is the tool RadarSync. I haven't been using it much, but I've heard that the 2008 update has made things a lot better. Not only will you be able to scan for the drivers that need to be updated, you can also see a list of programs that you need to update.

    The other tool is the File Hippo Updater. Probably the best tool for updating the programs you have on your computer. I highly recommend it.

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    Um I noticed for the laptop graphics section you don't have Compaq which is the brand laptop I have. I know it's part of HP, so should I just go to their website?

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    There are driver updates for integrated graphics too

    All Nvidia graphics from GeforceFX 5 -> 7 series use the same driver including the integrated ones like the Geforce 6150

    All ATI graphics from the 9000 series to current use the same Catalyst driver, including the integrated ones

    Intel doesn't make discrete cards, so you shouldn't put "discrete desktop cards only"

    2 other integrated graphics brands are
    VIA (S3 graphics) (S3 also makes some discrete cards, but very few people have them)

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    Thanks! I've added a new section for it :)

    When I searched around, the COMPAQ driver support site takes me to that HP page :S

    XD hehe...I had only ATI and Nvidia before...then I remembered seeing lots of media accelerators I included INTEL and didn't remove that discrete part, changed now.

    As for the two other brands, yes I do realize they exist, but I don't think they're bit in the consumer market :S. If you insist, I will include them :)

    Thank everyone for the contributions!
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    Just reformatted my computer and needed to download video and sound drivers.. Thanks to your links my comps up and running again :) THANKS AGAIN!!!

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    Here are some way:
    1. Restarting your computer refreshes the hardware and software to allow it to perform as you need.
    2. Disk Cleanup is an all-inclusive tool to help you scan for and safely delete temporary files from your computer.
    3. The Disk Defragmenter utility reorganizes the fragmented files, speeding up file access and freeing up space on your hard drive. Disable your screen saver and close any open programs, including anti-virus programs, before starting Disk Defragmenter.

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    For vista users:

    There's no need to go to any specific website or worry about selecting the right driver software to download. You can make your computer do that for you :D

    1) Start menu
    2) Control Panel
    3) Device Manager
    4) Open up Display Adapter in the device manager (you should see the name of your graphics drivers)
    5) right click on the specific name of your graphics drivers (there's usually only 1 option)
    6) Select "update driver software"
    7) Select the top option "Search automatically for updated driver software"

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    Nice finds, most stuff in here, I already knew except for what Bacon posted, but that's software. Anyways, another thing I'd like to say is, thoughsome updates are extremely crucial, some are not necessary. Microsoft's Windows Updates are completely and utter shit at times, because they just clog your computer with files that you might not need. Hell, as long as you have a proper firewall, and a really good antivirus, as well as an image-backup, you're fine. If you're still paranoid, set up a System-Restore date. I only download certain Windows Updates, depending on what it is, because I do notice my laptop behaving rather poorly after downloading some updates, so I system restore it back to the point before the updates were made.

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    If you have Windows Update on, this is done automatically for you. Though I don't think it is effective. You should always check the website of the chip provider for the most up-to-date drivers.

    Example, the computer I am on now has a ATI Radeon HD 3440 (driver v8.6x on September 29th, 2009), Windows is telling me "Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date." but the ATI website says new drivers (v8.7x came out on February 17th, 2010)



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