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  1. Default Pokemon HGSS: Voltorb Flip Patterns

    Disclaimer: This will not guarantee you a win. This guide is designed to aid you with the game, but since Voltorb Flip is still a game of chance, you most likely will not win every time.

    So, Southperry, I'm still really early in the game, but I discovered the Voltorb Flip minigame in place of the Game Corner and realized that I prefer it to slots, mainly because it actually takes skill to win. I've been playing for a while and I've noticed some patterns (and have gotten kinda good at the game, to boot) with it. Just sharing my knowledge so you all can reap your share of coins and get your precious TMs.

    Mandatory Introduction

    Anything that adds up to 5 = dead section (nothing)

    Don't get it? Basically, any marker whose numbers add up to five, whether it be four Voltorbs and one coin or two Voltorbs and three coins, only has one-coin cards in it, therefore, there is nothing of value in that row and it should not be touched. Don't believe me? Let's test it out then.

    [] [] [] [] [] [3/2]

    There are three coins in this row, and two Voltorbs. There's only one way this could possibly go.

    [1] [1] [1] [V] [V] [3/2]

    In any particular order, of course. Try it with any two numbers whose sum is five, you'll get the same result; there will never be a card with more than one coin in any section of the sort. MaplePorn's Voltorb Flip Helper helps you a lot if you need a visual aid, and can also be used as a simulator.

    Now that I have you convinced, here's the whole thing.

    Anything that adds up to 5 = nothing. Do not flip this section at all.
    Anything that adds up to 6 = [one 2]. Once that card is uncovered, do not flip any more cards in this section.
    Anything that adds up to 7 = [two 2s] OR [one 3]. Once one of those combinations is uncovered, do not flip any more cards in this section.
    Anything that adds up to 8 = [three 2s] OR [one 3 and one 2]. Once one of those combinations is uncovered, do not flip any more cards in this section.
    Anything that adds up to 9 = [two 3s] OR [one 3 and two 2s] OR [four 2s]. Once one of those combinations is uncovered, do not flip any more cards in this section.
    Anything that adds up to 10 = [two 3s and one 2] OR [one 3 and three 2s]. Once one of those combinations is uncovered, do not flip any more cards in this section.
    Anything that adds up to 11 = [two 2s and two 3s] OR [three 3s]. Once one of those combinations is uncovered, do not flip any more cards in this section.
    Anything that adds up to 13 = [four 3s] OR...

    Other user contributions (Thanks for taking the time to contribute, I hardly ever play Voltorb Flip anymore so I would've never expanded much further on it):

    I haven't figured out higher sums yet, mainly because I haven't been paying attention; but I'll add them in as I go. But, those are the only possible combinations for each sum of numbers on a marker. Feel free to contribute more. Using this as a guideline, you'll be able to more easily weed out sections that you should not flip using your own logic. Good luck.
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    Another nice tip is to know is that 3/1 is possible wherever 2/2 is. :3

    Simple tip that's easy to forget during intense situations. xD

    A nice example for those who are just starting out: Say you see a row or column with 2 Voltorbs that has a sum of 6. 2-2-2 and 3-2-1 are your only possible options...therefore if you find a have just eliminated the possibility of two 2's. ;3

    Oh, and something I just figured out while lying on my bed. xp

    If you multiply the value of the safe spaces (5 - # of Voltorbs) by 3 then subtract that value by 1 and the point value in a row or column is the result of either equation, 1's aren't possible on that row or column! :D

    Probably figured this out yesterday but I simplified it today. Lol. x3

    Have fun folks. :P

    For some odd reason, I beat Level 7 when I first got to it but I didn't move on...o.O

    ...Then I tried it again and bad luck got me. xD

    Going to pwn this game even harder than before with the strategy I just made. <3

    EDIT: I thought I made this edit earlier today but my internet messed up so it didn't work I guess. x3

    But if the number of safe spaces + 1 = Total point value, then only 1s and 2s are present. :D
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  3. Default

    I hack on my platinum for items and stuff. :3.

    On topic:

    Currently testing.

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    I figured all that out, but I'm so unlucky when it comes to a forced guess. I played it for about 2 hours and never got past level 5 D:

  5. Default

    I've got a naive algorithm figured out using this general strategy.

    For a given row or column; let the Reward associated with it be the following:
    Reward = (# of total coins - # of total uncovered coins) - (# of covered squares - # of total Voltorb squares)

    So for a completely uncovered row with 1 total coin and 4 Voltorbs, the reward is:
    Reward = (1 - 0) - (5 - 4) = 0

    Similarly, a column with one square flipped that was a 3 with 5 total coins and 2 Voltorbs:
    Reward = (5 - 3) - (4 - 2) = 0

    And just for kicks, a row with 9 total coins, 1 Voltorb, and 1 square uncovered showing a 2:
    Reward = (9 - 2) - (4 - 1) = 4

    Here's where the naive approach comes in. Since you "win" Voltorb Flip by uncovering all the x2 and x3 squares, you can naively assume that the square with the highest total Reward both row-wise and column-wise is the best square to uncover. I wrote an online Voltorb Flip Helper that uses this algorithm to determine the best space to uncover. The "Hybrid" option also takes into account the risk of uncovering a square: if a row of 5 uncovered squares has 4 Voltorbs total in it, there's only a 20% chance of surviving the flip. So even if the reward for uncovering the one safe square is 3, it might not be in your best interest to go for it.

    As for eliminating certain combinations altogether, consider this problem: assuming an American Football scoring system where you can only score field goals (3 points) or touchdowns (7 points), what is the highest possible unattainable score, if there is a maximum?
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    I've actually gotten maxed coins from Voltorb Flip and gotten to a high level. I figured out the dead row thing by myself and used that to my advantage.

    Edit: Am I the only one who thinks there's still a lot of guessing involved? The higher you go the higher the numbers of both voltorbs and multiples, which can get annoying.
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  7. Default Voltorb Flip

    [merged post]

    Okay, I'm going to assume you know what Voltorb Flip is.
    if the 2 numbers add up to 5, don't touch it
    if you subtract Voltorbs from 5, then thats how many squares have coins. how many coins are there in that row? using this information, you can find out the possible coin arrangements.
    the spot that intercepts the row that has the most coins on both the x and y axis is the most likely spot on the board to have a coin of 2 or 3. then the one of those that has the most coins, find the point on that line that intercepts the next biggest amount of coins. repeat.

    but always, 100% of the time, check if the number of squares not opened, and not voltorb, so like, if its 1 voltorb and 10 coins, and you've flipped 3 3's, you can deduce the last one is going to be a one, easily. but if you follow the method i just told you, you can always carelessly hit a voltorb when the only thing left in the row is a 1. It would be worthless to do that, you didn't even have a chance to get a 2 or 3. so, make sure you're getting the best odds to get a number.

    Sometimes there will be 2 identical sets [coin/volt] in the same axe, and in the other axe, if using my method, a big amount of coin, and the first axe both would be the highest. It's all luck here, there's no way to find which one will/will not have a coin. it's all luck there.

    Also, use common sense, and simple math, in order to find the places that most likely have coins. I'll update with examples in a minute.

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    Should post it in this thread. Bring all the information together. ;D

    EDIT: Ohh, I didn't notice you were trying to outdo the other thread, never mind. ~.~
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    we could make a collection of tactics

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    Your thread is the same thing as this thread

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    Tip: always flip obvious ones (for example any row with 5/0) because the number of cards you've flipped is what determines the level you end up at if you fail. If you're at level 5 and have 5 cards flipped and then fail, you'll stay on level 5. If you have 3 flipped, you'll drop to level 3.

  12. Default

    not always true, I've been on level 9 and failed after 1, it didn't push me back any. i stayed at 9. a quick note; its so unfair when you get a voltorb first pick and you get kicked to level 1 :\

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    Omgg, I was just reading that, and then it happened. ~.~
    Still need 5300 more till Thunderbolt. D;

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    I pineappleing hate this game now. I've been playing it off and on, but the past 3-4 in-game hours have been devoted to nothing but Voltorb Flip. Every time I have 4 squares and two of them in a diagonal are 2/3s and the other two are Voltorbs, I pick the f'ucking Voltorb. EVERY TIME. I have gotten up to level 5 and failed about 20 times in a row. And as an added insult, the next board forces you to guess on the first square and I pick another Voltorb, so it drops me back to level 1. GODDAMMIT

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    also coins/[5-voltorbs] is average number of coins per non volt square, which can be quite useful to know

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    Common sense, and not at all useful to know.

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    it is useful to know because then you know how much to expect.



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