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  1. Default 2009 GMS Ranking Data

    I've archived off and multi-part zipped the 2009 denormalized daily ranks for GMS for anyone interested in them.

    This is the same data I use to derive the level 200 ETLs, World Transfers, Name Changes, Class/World break outs, 200 distributions, etc. I am making a historical snapshot available for people who want to try out their own ideas for ways to use the data.

    Note this is nearly 4 GB, about 1.6 GB zipped, at 300 mb per file (and useless without all five pieces), so don't waste your time downloading these if you don't actually have something you want to do with them. If you don't know how to use the info, have no specific ideas for the data, and don't have any way to read or manipulate 4 GB of comma separated text this is not for you.

    This is not a tutorial on 'really cool things you do with data', there are no magic instructions on 'ways to access and use data'. You're on your own if you decide to download them. I can not emphasize enough how absolutely useless this data will to be you if you don't already have a way to access/use it (and there are so many hundreds of ways to do that I am not even going to try explaining, google it).

    You've been forewarned, please do not post whining questions about how/why after spending three days downloading nearly 2 GB at the slowest speeds on earth.

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    That's what it says, here and SW

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    I'm totally not downloading that. :P Great job as usual though.

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    It said 2010 for me too, you must have edited it. lol

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    oh you sneak.

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    So this is a daily list of the current level/exp of every level 100+ character on the global rankings? I guess that would be big... I can't think of anything fun to do with it right now though.

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    It will only be hosted for 45 days so anyone who wants it better hurry.

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    I can host it indefinitely if you'd like.

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    Don't particularly care. It's of extremely limited value to a fairly limited audience.

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    Out of curiousity, what could someone do with this data? I have no idea how a list of names and dates could be important in any way other than making some graphs or pie charts that illustrate leveling trends.



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