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    Default Article: [1.2.278] Even moar skill balancing

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    What is this? More W.Atk rings? And those element resistances... really helpful

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    My god! They added the burn effect!!!!!! And a small damage increase!!! AND a DS delay reduction!!!!! I CAME!!!!!

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    they gave marksmen googles!!!

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    Gotta love the balanced mAtk on them too.

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    Any info on where the Hp and Mp regen overalls come from?

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    So Qualm and Oblivion enemies (besides bosses) now have no resistances, or am I mistaken?

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    I think he just put what was added, not the overall current state.
    But IDK.

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    (on the new wand) On mob death: Level 30 HP 5 HP increase probability 10% Umm... wut? 5 maxhp every 10 mobs? :p lol Also: Those useable items, are the effects permanent? :3

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    obviously not maxHP, it recovers 5 HP much like a potion would recover 50 HP
    the items seem to be scrolls so I would guess the effects are permanent yes



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