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  1. Default [1.2.278] Even moar skill balancing

    To see a compiled list of skill changes from all KMST patches (including this patch), please see this post

    Skill Changes



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    Yey :O I hope these ones include Bishops..

    -NVM, it's Arch Mages, Pirates and Archers.

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    Keeping in mind these patches are meant to balance, not power up the powerful.

    And as for the AM skills, upping Blizzard and Meteor was unexpected. As far as the other skills go, it's an ok boost I guess.
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    Woah.. I didn't expect them to INCREASE the attack of ultimates. But I think it's right for F/Ps to have a stronger ultimate, as they don't really train fast / are a wanted job.

    Are there any more changes, Fiel?
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    So now arrow bomb with SE is 348% average. Inferno is now 292% average with burn, 365% with advantage. I'm not sure nexon understands which way round this is supposed to be going, at this rate, bomb arrow is going to outdamage inferno with advantage. And yar, burn is really a helpful skill on the job without any movement skills to help cycle burning a whole map.

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    So they finally make Meteor stronger than Blizzard. Took them long enough.

    EDIT: What are those rings?

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    Those new rings are disgusting. They might be one of a kind, but they all have different names, if you could get one of each, you have +30% critical, if thats possible, that gives arans 105% chance of a critical with SE (60%+15%+30%), and 90% without. BM/MM at 85%, and NLs at 95%. Yuck. Even with just the 15% bonus though (which is more realistic, i'm going to assume these are gotten by trading up,same as aran rings were in GMS) a 90% critical rate is horrific
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    on insoya there's something about the gunner's ice freeze and fire burner skills. any info on these?

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    Those were changed in previous patches and were not affected in this patch.

    EDIT: Oh, yeah, they were affected in this patch, but not skillwise. It was just a bug correction that doesn't affect the skill tables at all.

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    Strafe can 1HKO now? Sweet. Nice to see Bowmen finally have a boost.

    What's with those pink overalls? They're smexy. Any news about them, besides the fact that they level?

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    Careful there. Only snipers get the 1HKO, not Rangers.

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    I have a feeling these new equips will be for another FAIL pq.
    Considering they give a skill and what not, whatever cheuk sa is.

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    Meteor and Blizzard damage boosts.... unexpected...

    I think the OHKO ability for Sniper's Strafe only applies if the monster is under frozen condition from Sniper's Blizzard shot.

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    I read that the elements for the Qualm and Oblivion monsters were changed as well. :o

    I wonder what they are now. xD

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    Posted the new changes on those mobs

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    Nice changes to mages:
    -Increasing boss DPS
    -Making FD and ID useful compared to fire arrow
    -Making Meteo Stronger than blizz and both more comparable to genesis

    And to Archer:
    -Improve in Iron Arrow - wow did it really need it?
    -Nice combo with blizzard/strafe for snipers also making lower levels of sniper better.
    -Good to see they are working on inferno.

    Changes to pirates I can't comment much =P (don't have one)

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    Looks like they made Qualm and Oblivion mobs(except chief obliv guard) elemental friendly for Paladin's Lightning/Thunder charge's stacking ability. o.o"

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    Yay for 95% critcal rate on my Nightwalker + SE... :')

    Can I have platinum karma scissors now for my MoN also? ktnxbye! :')



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