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Thread: [Notice] Happy Maplemas!

  1. Default Happy Maplemas!

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    Dunas? Auf Haven (Ew MSEA translation)? Nibergen (Nibelheim?)? I smell Neo Tokyo.

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    How cute. I love the first line.

    "'Twas the night before Maplemas, when all through Southperry,"

    Some of it is a bit... odd, though. Perion to Versal? weird.

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    LMAO @ MSEA's horrible translations for the Future Toukyou mobs popping up in GMS stuff now. I'll laugh if you guys get Future Toukyou without Kaede Castle.

  5. Mercury
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    I suspect the crappy dungeon theme area, actually. Please Nexon...

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    They didn't completely forget Versal!
    But what about Versalmas?

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    Heh that looks like a shout out to us here, in the first line.

    Do I see hints of the next upcoming content?

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    Cody is a beast if he can drive a sleigh pulled by Zakum.

    Though... maybe Maplemas is actually a feared holiday, when the 8 bosses bring destruction to the world.

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    I would say he's a beast if he can even control one of those bosses to do his bidding... Let alone 8 of them who are working in COORDINATION to complete the task at hand.

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    Doubt it'd be the nerfed KMS version, I don't remember seeing a nerfed version of Nibelung anywhere. Might have missed it though. But they'd better release Kaede castle as well if they do, they're butchering the quest storyline if they don't leave it in.

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    I really don't want any more World Tour areas...maybe the Theme Dungeon thing if it's similar to Mushroom Castle.

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    What about Krexel, that thing is a tree that lives in a humongus building lol.

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    Krexel wasn't mentioned, or was it @Vexel? o:
    If that isn't the same boss, could it be a future boss in Versal? o_O

    Also, loved reading this. :3

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    Vexel is probably the Krexel translation.

    Either way, nice story, seems like they put some decent thought into it. And hopefully, since they pointed out pretty much all big bosses in this game on that list, Neo Tokyo will not be nerfed.

    Also, I don't mind the translation for Nibelheim, I can say "Hey guys let's go kill a Nib."
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  15. I AM NOW "Mute"
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    do want versal. do want versalmas.

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    I think we can rage justifiably now.

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    I was thinking this may be a hint to future content. However, because Cody was mentioned in this, it means any hints from this poem are discredited. Cody does nothing but lie and scam, so we won't be getting anything in this poem.

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    To Versal

    God I hope thats a hint, if not, they are very mean on this xmas

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    The two of us were right all along: Cody is the ultimate villain of MapleStory and the true identity of the Black Magician. Cody's been in our face all along, but no one would ever suspect that he is truly the Black Magician.
    The first step of his nefarious plan was to collect steel for unknown purposes, and told us to gather it for the sake of creating an amusement park many years ago. It's still not here. This shows us that he actually deceived us all those years ago, and he's doing god knows what with the stuff we gave him.
    Next, he seems to have the ability to take control to take the most powerful monsters of this game and make them do his bidding. Further proof he is the Black Magician.
    I'm starting to suspect that Cody is the dormant, weakened Black Magician; and this steel is part of his master plan to regain power and rule the Maple World.
    When this "theme park" comes out, Cody/the Black Magician is really planning to make us go through his horrid, unbeatable challenge to fly through all the rings to torture us!

    Anyways, I wonder if the first line was a cute shout-out to Southperry also. If they did, that was a pretty nice thing to do and I'd thank Nexon. The other thing nice I like about this is that it hints at future content.
    Though...Versal? I wonder if that's an actual hint for next year's content; because we still don't have Krakia; and knowing how long Nexon takes to develop Masteria content, I'm pretty doubtful that we're actually going to get it.
    But cool: Neo Tokyo and Ulu City hints.



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