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Thread: [Prize] Aran Teaser Event Winners

  1. Default Aran Teaser Event Winners

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    I like how the 2nd drawing of the black magician is actually wario - also a gm

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    All the winning entries for the Diary are the same... o-o

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    I gotta say, the Diary entry which won was pretty good.

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    Third Picture of Black Magician > First and Second

  6. Perma-Banned

    IGN: I quit MS
    Server: but don't
    Level: see
    Job: why people
    Guild: exaggerate about
    Alliance: it...


    The perv in me notices how ecchi the Aran girl looks >.>

    there's drawn cleavage...
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    Third 'Black Mage' fails. Looks better than the others, but is the illegitimate child of Kuroshitsuji. Seriously, see the anime/manga, and you'll get what I mean. The diary entries are not as bad as I expected, barring the inconsistencies. :/

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    First and second place drawings... Come on, even I can top that in a pitch black room, drunk and half dead. Third is somewhat nice, but still lacks spark and life. No person with an ounce of talent participated this time?

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    Still, the second was funny. The Black Magician is NEXON!



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