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  1. Default Two New Friendship Rings in the Cash Shop

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    And it took them THIS long to make a guide for something that wasn't hard to do in the first place?

    Way to go Nexon.

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    The new rings just look stupid. Friendship rings are stupid, let alone Christmas ones. And who would buy one today, and expect to still find joy in a Christmas ring 3 months later? >.<

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    Under Special Effect Rings section:

    Wait, haven't I already commented about this girl before?

    And let's look at the home page right now:

    And I'm positive I've noticed her a few other times too.
    Notice a trend? Yeah, I thought so. I think it's safe to say that this green-skinned character is Nexon's official poster girl. She sticks with me way better than those Blockheads, anyways.
    Perhaps its a bizarre calculated marketing strategy or Nexon just has a fetish for green women.

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    I like her better as a mascot than Blockheads.

    Nexon should really make it official by including stylized artwork of her for next month's calander.

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    I think that girl is what a gm looks like possibly. the guy in the meso bag picture is the guy they showed in the How to make a cygnus knight tutorial

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    ill be one of the first to request/second the notion for artwork of this girl.



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