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  1. Default Masteria Expansions, Names and the proof for each

    Collecting CKPQ class statue descriptions. Need Mage, Pirate, and Thief.

    Since people are now asking for the proof for my list of possible expansions, here it is. These are mostly based on things from in game and the data, but also a few from things that have been stated outside of the game, like by NxProse, etc. I'll split them along those two groups.

    Wondering where the TCG item descriptions went? Click here.

    One of the updates since this thread began is the addition of... the People of Masteria! This section is dedicated to shining some light on those unseen characters who are often referenced to but never actually encountered in game. Since its' writing, some of these NPCs have come out.

    The People of Masteria Updated

    New Section!
    The Factions of Masteria
    In Masteria, there are a number of factions, both past and present, who are competing for power in the continent. Some are allies, and not all are mutually exclusive, but they are significant to understanding the storyline of the Continent.

    Now, on to the list. I'll go from oldest to newest, and do the in-game evidence first.
    Expansions mentioned in Game or in Data
    1. Vineland

    Not much is known about exactly what this is. Presumably, it's an overgrown jungle type area. It may be related to the "Beanstalk" (a name from the data.) that passes through the Mountain Slopes map. Additionally, there are still a number of aquatic-themed weapons in the string data that have not been released. If this area is an Amazon jungle type area near a river, these weapons might be obtainable here.

    Some of the weapons that MIGHT come from here include the River Rattler, Barracuda Bow, and the Devil Rain throwing stars.

    2. Affluent Tower

    An even more mysterious expansion. It's only reference is the sign that is in game. It seems that whatever this area is, it takes place along the Eiffel Tower that's on the right side of NLC. Knowing that, it's likely a metallic style place, and may be related to Electricity. The Skunk Pet mentions Affluent Tower when given the "Chat" command over level 10. Hint? Possibly.

    3. "???", AKA the Pharaoh's Gate.

    An egyptian area that would be underneath the Statue of the Yetinx (This is another name gleaned from the data.) Another supporting item that gives us the name is the Lost Ankh, which claims to be the key to opening the Pharaoh's Gate under Bigger Ben. John Barricade also mentions that he believes more ruins are accessible from Bigger Ben, so this fits in with that statement as well. This may very well be related to Ariant, the town on Ossyria which is located in the Nihal desert. The Pharaoh's Wrappings suggest that Nihal is important to Masteria. - Lost Ankh's Sauna page.

    4. Theme Park
    The legendary "Cody's Theme Park that has been rumored since the end of Beta. This was confirmed as true by NxProse. The data contains Background images from this area, which were also seen in the EMS event preview for Bastille Day's event. We do not have a name for this area yet, as the BG images in the data are not particularly descriptively named. It IS real, and it will be on Masteria.

    Click to see the images from the Theme Park.

    5. Dragon Door, AKA the Inner Sanctum of the Dragon Ninja Clan

    An enormous, beautifully crafted door that appeared in the hidden NLC map, the Badlands. Before it was put onto that map, I had found it and shared it. There is also an item in the data, the Dragon Jewel, which mentions this Dragon Ninja clan. Undoubtedly these two are related, and perhaps this is the key to enter this map. It seems to be an asian themed area, but through the lens of western culture; "Kung Fu movie style", as it has been put.
    In the Crimsonwood 1 patch, we were introduced to the Raven Ninja Clan. When Masteria disappeared, the Shadowknights (A guild of Crimsonwood) had retreated to their secret base on the Island of Vigilance. As such, they were the only witnesses to the final disappearance of Masteria. Without the influence of the other guilds to keep their ethics intact, the Shadowknights began to splinter into smaller factions. The Raven Ninjas are one such group. Taggrin states that there are many other groups who do not share the Raven Ninjas good behavior. It is no stretch to think that the Dragon Ninjas are another group descended from the Shadowknights, and that they might be one of the more aggressive groups that Taggrin warns of. Since we now know humanoid enemies aren't out of the question, I'd expect to see dragon ninjas as enemies here.

    New info:
    Two ninja-like bosses, Azure Ocelot and Scarlet Phoenix, spawn after the defeat of the Warrior Twisted Master Red Nirg. They may be Dragon Ninjas, or the "Komodo Duo". Since Dr. Krakia helped lead the invasion of NLC alongside the Twisted Masters, it's not out of the question that other currently unknown bad guys might help, and the Dragon Ninjas are a strong candidate. - Dragon Jewel's Sauna Page
    Dragon Door:

    6. Foxwit's Den
    There is also the Komodo Key, which is dropped by the "Komodo Duo." The Komodo Duo could be a two-headed Komodo Dragon, or it could be a pair of ninjas. We simply don't know yet. If it is the latter, then this item may very well drop in the Dragon Ninja Clan's Sanctum. That would make these two areas inseparably tied. Knowing that Foxwit is from the future, and that he created the I.AM.ROBOTs, then this may be a very advanced, scientific area.
    New info:
    As mentioned above, there's a pair of Ninjas in the Keep who spawn after Red Nirg is defeated. It's possible that they are the "Komodo Duo". - Komodo Key's Sauna Page (note that this image on here is a placeholder from the data. The key is not actually a Steak.)

    Prof. Foxwit

    7. Badlands

    (Badlands Mini Map)
    A single map in the data; unlike the Krakian Jungle maps, this one sort of fades from the edge of the city into the jungle-style area. This map contains the Dragon Door. It may only be one map, but I suspect it will lead down a separate path through the jungle, perhaps a bit more rocky in style. Not much to speculate on, except that there are a few characters still trapped there from a glitch in .40's patch which allowed access to it through the use of Priest's Door skill. - Urban Underground, the first and currently only Badlands map.

    8. The True Bigger Ben

    Yes, Bigger Ben was "released" in the first patch. However, if you pay attention as you descend, only the first map is labeled as being Bigger Ben; all others are MesoGears. NxProse has stated that there is more to Bigger Ben than what we have seen thus far. The data confirms this; an item called the Lift Key says it allows for use of an elevator in Bigger Ben. This might lead to the rest of the clocktower's innards or to a new area altogether. - Lift Key's Sauna Page

    11. Isle of Vigilance
    The former base of the Shadowknights, currently being occupied by the remnants of the Raven Ninja Clan. This was a secret location which they kept completely separated from the Keep, and for this reason they were able to retreat here after it fell. Taggrin describes it as having been swamped by tidal waves caused by Masteria's disappearance. There is a huge building here, called the Watchtower, which is where the Shadowknights kept up their fight for Crimsonwood. It seems likely that as the story of the Raven Ninjas unfolds, we may eventually pay a visit to this place.

    Areas confirmed outside of the game
    9. Versal

    (Elpam Elixir, a potion from Versal)
    A flurry of items reference this place or are directly from this place. Elpam Gorlab is also from this place. All we know about it is told to us by him: Mushmom is the cruelest and Strongest monster in Versal, and the Balrogs are friendly and loyal to humans. There is not much sunlight here; only 3 months of the year are lit. They also use cheese as perfume, though it may just be a bizarre joke on Nexon's part. This place serves as the mirror universe of Maple World. NxProse has been reluctant to comment on it, but he said that one speculation (made before July 30th) was spot on. Attempts to find this post weren't successful... However, the fact that someone could describe the place correctly does in fact confirm it is a real location that one can visit.

    So, as many of you know as of this week, the christmas event is tied into Versal. In particular, Elpam is being joined by someone else from his world: O-Pongo the mouse, who celebrates the Versal equivalent of Christmas, which is rather simply "Versalmas". The key of the event is that you must choose whether to celebrate Versalmas or "Maplemas", which is our usual christmas stuff. Additionally, you have to convince another NPC to join the same side as you. If more people support Versal, everyone is supposed to get a special item.

    Update 2
    Versalmas is a holiday in Versal which celebrates the end of their dark portion of the year and the beginning of the "30 Days of Delight." Over time, the originally 99 days of light have shortened down to a mere 30. Versalmas is a legal holiday in the Land of Versal, and is presided over by O-Pongo, the Versalmas mouse, and his Ostrich Pwnzer. He must deliver a present to everyone, regardless of how far away they are, which is how he got stranded here in the Maple World with Elpam, since Elpam was last on the list. They tend to eat very strange foods in celebration of Versalmas, such as Caramel covered Onions (similar to Caramel Apples), Ssiws Cheese (Swiss), Smoken Salmon (the only normal food on their menu), and Sugar-coated Olives. They decorate cacti instead of trees. Since they live in the dark for most of the year, their skin tends to be very pale, so sunburn during the 30 days of light is a real threat; thus, Sunblock is a common gift to protect friends.

    According to an old Versal myth, the sun once shone throughout their land as much as it does in the Maple World. This allowed them to grow abundant Onion crops, and they lived in relative comfort. To ensure their crops would grow, the Versalians would hold a ceremony to worship the sun. The monsters envied their lives, and they would often steal from the fields. The leaders of the Village decided that if they could strike a deal with the most powerful creature in the woods nearby, then it would protect them from the others. In return, they would share their crops.

    This pact with the beast was so successful that soon, they had far more Onions than they needed. With such success, they soon gave up their ceremonies in honor of the sun. Without these ceremonies, the sun grew gradually weaker and weaker. with so much food lying around, the beast began to grow unhappy with his share of the crops and wanted more. If the Versalians refused, the beast threatened to eat them; so, they continually gave in. Eventually, nothing would satisfy its hunger. There was only one thing it could eat that could grant the amount of energy it desired: The sun. The monster leapt into the sky and devoured the sun.

    The skies grew permanently dark. Their crops couldn't grow without sunlight, and they began to starve. The monsters which the beast had once kept at bay now raided the village once more. A group of brave hunters decided they could take no more, and headed right into the beast's lair. After a long battle, the beast finally coughed up what remained of the sun. It flew back up into the sky, but it was so weakened after all that time that it couldn't shine as it once had. The villagers began singing their songs in honor of the sun once more. This would give it the strength it needed to shine once a year for 99 days. This became the basis of the holiday known as Versalmas.

    I suspect this beast may be the Versal Mushmom...
    New info: (Update 3)
    The Twisted Masters, the evil influence in control of Crimsonwood Keep, are from Versal. They are taking direct orders from Naricain, it seems. According to the Mayor's new dialog, it seems that Versal may be under control of Naricain, and irreversibly so; for this reason, it seems like Versal will be one of the last places we will see, with Naricain as the extremely powerful final boss of Masteria.

    That's all we know for now, though. I'll continue updating this once either the patch is up on the FTP or it is finished.

    Elpam Gorlab, a person from Versal
    10. Krakia, the lost city
    Krakia is an expansion which has only appeared on the expansion radar since Thanksgiving 2007. It's a lost city that was located in the Krakian Jungle (where the jungle's name comes from.) and populated by people who made good use of cybernetic enhancements. Dr. Krakia, Professor Foxwit's evil nemesis, has seemingly found this town and set up his base here, where the Turkey Commandos are produced. They seem like they are only a trial of things to come... I would expect this place to be a "Mad Scientist's Lair" type area, filled with monsters that have been improved with cybernetic implants and/or other scientific means. Additionally, if Dr. Krakia and Foxwit know each other, then it seems likely that Krakia is also from the future (or maybe even the past...) The other Krakian item, the Stone Tiger Head, seems to imply that it is from the same culture that created the Taru Totem and all the strange primitive monuments on Masteria.

    The first monster we have seen that was produced in Krakia.
    Update 2
    we learned a lot about Krakia with the Crimsonwood patch. Krakia was a town of secretive plant-people who lived deep in the Krakian jungle. One day, after centuries of being peaceful, they suddenly went on the war path and wiped out the Taru. Corine's family seems to be the only survivors of this massacre. After the Taru fell, the Krakia began to attack the Keep. While the Krakians weren't very skilled in the arts of war, they had numbers on their side, as well as a size advantage, and the war went on for many years. It was eventually discovered and made known (to Ridley, Taggrin, Lita, and others) that the Krakians were being manipulated by an evil Alchemist. Is this Alchemist the Black Magician of Ossyria, or perhaps Foxwit's enemy, Professor Krakia? We don't know yet, but we should all expect to see Krakia once Crimsonwood's chapter is complete.
    New info:
    Dr. Krakia, as mentioned in his personal description, has been seen aiding the Twisted Masters in invading NLC. There can be no doubt now; Krakia WILL be the next Masteria area released.

    Correct predictions/ Released expansions
    This section is for Masteria expansions which were predicted before hand and then released.

    1. Crimsonwood Keep

    This area started out as a mere signpost in the data. Just a single mysterious name, and no more to it. Now, it is mentioned by the Glimmer Man in his TCG quest, and by John Barricade when I asked him about the Mystic Astrolabe. Apparently, it is located in the Phantom Forest; this leads me to believe that either it will be added to the NLC Taxi as a destination, or perhaps even walked to from the Mansion. Warriors and mages would travel great distances to reach this place, according to Barricade. The Astrolabe was created by the Grandmasters of Crimsonwood Keep, particularly the Mage Grandmaster.
    The Antellion, a massive magical statue situated here, is one of the key features. Additionally, the name, "Crimsonwood", is too close to the name "Christopher Crimsonheart" for it to be a mere coincidence. Could he have been a Grandmaster? So many questions...

    New information: LeFay, a powerful magician who went insane from using dark magic, is apparently from here. She would create lots of items that seemingly had no use. Some of her more useful inventions were the Glitter Gloves and the LeFay Jester, an event item from Lunar New Year. Since LeFay seems to be a person in Crimsonwood Keep, I'd bet that Lockewood and Hercule are also from here (from the warrior and archer event hats.) There's no way to be sure, though. Apparently, there were other items from here, like the Crux Arcana (Cross of the Arcane, which is obscure or lost knowledge that has little use. Mostly used to describe magic.)

    Another thing we've learned about Crimsonwood is that, in addition to the Stormcaster Knights, there was another group that stayed here: The Windreavers. They were a group of talented ranged fighters, mostly assassins and rangers it seems. They created the Neva and the Winkel, which were extremely light weapons that would guide their projectiles to their targets. The Windreavers and Stormcasters were at odds with each other.

    The last, and most obvious new info, is that there was a group of powerful fighters that would go around and destroy bosses for people. They were the bosshunters, and they would use the remains of their defeated foes to power up their armor to extreme levels. They didn't seem to interact with the other two groups very much.

    added the NxProse links.

    This is my speculations based on the information gathered from the TCG items. That being said, this is your warning that the facts are up there ^^^ and the speculation is down below.


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    Wow, Isaac. It's good to see you've brought your awesome information to this forum. (:
    This thread is the only reason I keep my hopes up for Masteria.
    Excellent job with all that information!
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    Hopefully you'll have a lot more to add to this thread later this month :P

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    hopefully i'll be able to say "See, look, I got one right. XD"

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    This may be a really dumb question... But what are the tombstone's for in Big Ben?

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    I don't know much about Magatia, but from what I've heard (and monsters I've seen), I feel like it's somehow related with Dr. Krakia.

    I really like all of this, I wonder what new stuff we'll learn from the next Masteria Expansion.

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    Masteria is such an awesome continent with all these possible interesting new area's, I can't wait until they release an expansion :D

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    Are you going to add the Taru storyline provided by... that npc, I can't remember her name. You know, the one by bigger ben for iTCG 3?

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    Hope Crimsonwood is well worth the wait. :P

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    I'm really hoping for Crimsonwood Keep to NOT be a letdown.

    Something like that just has to be a high-leveled area.

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    Hopefully you'll be able to say that to a lot more than one. Masteria has so much potential, and I'd like to see a lot more of it in the future.

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    Sadly, there's no answer for that yet. NxProse told us that it was a "riddle which could not yet be solved", but he also advised us to go ahead and start working on it. Around the time of NLC's release there were a lot of speculation threads but no one ever figured it out. Even if someone did get it right, there's no way to confirm it since we haven't had the necessary expansion yet. Presumably, the upcoming expansion will enable this riddle to be solved.

    Some interesting things that may help speculation:
    The NPCs have the names Sunstone Grave, Moonstone Grave, and Tombstone. Sun glows red, Moon glows blue, and Tomb glows an evil black-red color.

    All three of the graves' text are "Scripts". Scripts are special kinds of text because it means what they say isn't stored in the data, but on the servers. What this usually means is that it will react and say different things to certain changes (For example, in one of the Area Boss quests, there are NPCs which will only enable you to continue if you visit them at certain times of Day.) The same is true of the Headless Horseman's tombstone at the Mansion. It could also react to ownership of items and a myriad of other things. I have tried to see if the numbers given on the tombstones have any relationship to time or whatever, but to no avail.

    I am 100% confident that Crimsonwood Keep will be released... That doesn't mean I'm right, but I believe the facts of the matter are indisputable. A quick mention, though, is that on the FTP where the images of the masteria expansion were salvaged, was a group of NPC names, which were supposedly from the "raven ninja clan." If I had to guess, I would say the Ravens are the good guys, and act as NPCs, while the Dragons are the bad guys, and act as monsters. It's possible that the Dragon Ninja Clan Sanctum could be released as well. I think Krakia will be the next big Masteria update after this one, though. Possibly next Thanksgiving? who knows. It would be great if the Thanksgiving patch wasn't a complete letdown for once.

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    this is gonna take me a little bit of time to read through, but i'll do it =D

    glad to finally see u here in southperry isaac!!

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    Whoa, I only skimmed and I can't wait. :D

    Also, glad to see you joined SouthPerry, Fiel + Isaac > all. :D

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    Well I remember the pictures from it, so I agree that its indisputable. And hopefully they don't wait a whole year again to release another area. Every time they hinted at something I thought 'Yes! more masteria coming soon', only to be disappointed. I hardly want to think of whats coming next, to save myself from more disappointment, but not having Thanksgiving blow would be pretty cool.

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    Oh, this is something relevant that I have been meaning to share for a while, but it never seemed appropriate:

    I plan to ask in the upcoming Q&A session, "When will my poor Skunk's wish come true?"

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    I didn't even know the cute lil skunk said that. That's really intresting! (:

    I hope he'll answer. XD

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    Wow..My favorite continent is Masteria....

    Hope it comes out soon...


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    Main reason I wanted a skunk was because of all the awesome things he says.
    "Civil Disobedience is every Skunk's right!"
    "Where's your Warrior's Throne?"
    "Apparently, you never seem to get wet after swimming in Aqua Road."
    "Often times, I ask myself, what exactly is in the special sauce?"
    He wouldn't say that until level 10, though. Skunk also says things like "CC plz", but most of the time it speaks in very proper and condescending ways. It's funny, all three of my pets are very insulting. XD

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    wow that's hilarious, i totally want a skunk now



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