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Thread: [Blog] Dreams of Things to Come

  1. Default Dreams of Things to Come

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    fearsome enemies...? No idea on those.

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    That has me curious too, as does the emphasis on the pet returning and the "He had with him new items, stronger than any I had ever seen that helped my skill in combat grow faster than I would have thought possible."

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    Well they havent been named yet.

    So Aran, Christmas...and a new area with new monsters and equipment for this patch?

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    So we got

    Definite: Aran + Christmas events (Already knew though)

    Speculation: Something about pets, maybe help with training

    + New enemies/maps

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    Yeah the nameless enemies were the only thing that caught my eye too. Kind of seemed like they were just using them to pitch new CS pet items though, haha.

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    More equips with levels, maybe? I dunno. :\
    (KMS Crimsonwood weapons? ...Nah.)

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    The only logical reason for new enemies would be those from Aran's home town, but those aren't exactly ferocious or powerful. Also, he didn't mention these beasts being in the ice area. According to the text, the new enemies are probably not part of the christmas event either considering that the storyteller is in one area talking about christmas, then moves to another area to talk about the new mobs. So yeah... still doesn't quite make sense unless these enemies are ones we haven't seen before.

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    "There were so many things going on, so many events, each more fun than the last that the many hours -- or was it minutes? -- I passed there seemed like a blur."

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    Mmm... High level content? It'd be awesome, I've gotta admit.

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    "Finally I moved on and the last part of my journey was not so pleasant. I found myself surrounded by new enemies, far stronger and more fearsome than any I had ever heard of in Maple World. Had they come in response to the appearance of the warrior and his disciples, or had they appeared because these things were coming? I didn’t know. At the time I didn’t care. All I knew was that I was fighting for my life against monstrosities that didn’t yet have a name. In the end, I was saved by the appearance of my beloved pet Deion who came from nowhere to help me fight these new monsters! He had with him new items, stronger than any I had ever seen that helped my skill in combat grow faster than I would have thought possible. The last thing I remember is fighting with Deion beside me, surrounded on all sides by terrifying things that needed to be destroyed."

    Pet equip/rings for attack? It does sound like new pet equips, maybe the leash, chew toy and collar mentioned in the last blog.

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    It's possible, since we're seeing episodic content. It would make sense that the next episode will have more ferocious enemies (40 - 80?) and perhaps a new area. I can't see them continuously making bosses for each episode.

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    remember for nexon high level means 70+

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    If my black dragon Guts becomes useful in combat I'll be dancing about (If its just stat scrolls for pet equips I wont dance).
    If these monsters, "stronger than the GM ever saw before in the maple world", actually are what he claims, then it almost have to be something in Masteria... Nothing up to date that's not world tour Zipangu can match the oblivion foes, right?

    Yay for hopes that will be crushed in the end for sure!

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    "The next pieces of evidence I uncovered were a leash, a chew toy, and a collar in the break room. At first, I thought our office intern had gotten loose again. But then I noticed that the word “permanent” was inscribed on the collar, which left me even more confused. No one is weird enough to name their pet “Permanent,” even in our office. Then it hit me: this must be a part of whatever it is development is so pumped about… but I don’t understand what it all means. Help me!"


    "I pulled out my old pet’s binoculars and moved to get a closer view, but by the time I got them out, the man was gone as though he had never been. Who was he? What was his purpose? I stared at the binoculars and thought about Deion, a pet I’d had long ago. Deion was with me for a time and then was gone too. I missed him. I often wondered why I’d had to lose him, if there wasn’t some way of getting him back… I shrugged off the feeling and moved on."

    = Making old pets Permanent?

    Or is it wishful thinking?

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    I know it's 100% impossible, but while reading how the pet came back with equips I thought Evan o,o [the dragon is like a pet [and for some reason my normal parenthesis isn't working]]

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    Needs Kaede Castle.

    Kaede Castle is another possibility, though.

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    What about the Black Magician mobs that appeared in the Aran intro video? Could those be the monsters being referenced?



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