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  1. Default Building the database

    Yup, Southperry is going to have a database!

    However, this database won't be interpreted stuff like sauna.gibbed or mapletip or hidden-street has. This will be, for the most part, raw data. It greatly simplifies the process for me, and people will have to learn how to read the data. It's not too difficult. Also, the data will not be read from some MySQL database, but rather through a simple series of interconnected HTML pages - just like how the data works.

    Everything is uploaded for the following:

    I'll be making a much simpler database soon enough, but this is it for now.

  2. Default

    I marry you? No really, this is great. =] Of course I'm going to wait until tomorrow before complaining about the colors =P

    I'm going to sleep and hope that that it is fully functional when I wake up, 24 hours of sleep sound good?
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  3. Default

    I had a feeling you would do this. Python-style

    Finally my eyes won't hurt because of the black background. :)
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    Well, too bad. The colors are there to stay.

    It's a lot harder to change over 5000 HTML pages than to change 1 CSS thing.

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    Do you need help? I can help you with some stuff (eg. monster info and drops from my perspective)

  6. Default

    I'll be uploading the mob stuff and the interpreted JMS drop tables a different day, but thanks. :)

  7. Default

    Reminds me of JoeTang's Freewebs site that used to hold the raw skill data files, which I've done a fair amount of sifting through.

    Yay for raw data?

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    That's alright, but you should have some sort of script to automatically "translate" all the gibberish for people who wouldn't know, or otherwise anything that would add a description of each little thing.


  10. Default

    I can understand doing this in a way that's super easy for you, but wouldn't you be able to extract data to html as you normally do, then parse into a database? Wouldn't it be possible to have a php script that could read the html pages and parse them appropriately as well?

    At the very least, wouldn't it be possible for someone else to do this manually? Not that I'm ungrateful or anything, but no matter how good the data is, plain html posted in a highly technical format won't be that impressive to new comers and won't be all that user friendly either.

  11. Mercury
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    Sweet, thanks Fiel!

  12. Default

    If it stays in its current format I cant see myself using it much. I am a visual person, I need it to be in a more user friendly mode rather than loads of numbers in columns. I need lots of pictures to go with the data.

  13. *sweating*
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    Woo! A replacement for Sauna! XD Yay! Sauna is horribly outdated, so nice work, Fiel!

    Although I gotta agree, having some sort of front-end to it would be nice. :O Or have both available :P

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    -_-. Sheesh....

    This is going to be cool. Thanks Fiel!

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    I'm appreciating this so much right now, but please oh please put the various character things on different pages or at least have those # sublink things (don't know the technical term) on the top, I dread having to scroll down. Also more userfriendly text would be nice, how you would do that I wouldn't know. Also... maybe a single one size thumbnail to the left of the database id number would be friendlier, although whichever path you choose I fully support.

  16. Default

    I freakin' love you guys.

    I guess it's a good thing I've gotten good at reading pure data from the random data files posted in extractions.
    Also, hooray for no eyeburning white background.

    But still, wtp @ this not being Another World. I am getting really curious now.

  17. Default

    Everything is uploaded now. I found a faster method to upload. :)

    Enjoy guys, I'll be working on a better database soon enough.

  18. Default

    Great job guys. Although I'm not used to reading raw data, I'll get used to it :D.

  19. Default

    Is there going to be something like a tutorial that shows us how to understand the data better? I'm pretty sure not a lot of people understand what "move.2.origin.y" is.

  20. Default

    Is there going to be map data? =X Sorry if that's too much to ask.

    I love the database, keep it up.



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