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  1. Default Nexon America unveils BlockParty<br />

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    The BlockParty initiative has been underway at Nexon America for several years,

    So thats what they've been doing...

    I hope they do something about account security while they're at it.

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    this seems like it'll just make it worse but i guess we'll see.

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    I really see no point in this but making everyone try out all nexon games. It's just like an IM. Kudos for the idea but I'd rather have ya know, GM's active within the game, and not one illiterate retard that goes through eveyr single server by himself.

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    I find that interesting as well.

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    Anyone else seeing a grammar/phrasing error here....should be conception maybe? or unveiling...

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    ......I love how in the tutorial thingy mabob, one of the notices says:
    "Just need 2 kill few more pigs 4 lvl 80"


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    in⋅cep⋅tion  /ɪnˈsɛpʃən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [in-sep-shuhn]
    Ėnoun 1. beginning; start; commencement.

    I would be indifferent to this except I believe they're using resources that could be devoted to the game. Meh, whatever.

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    I'm really just not interested in any of this at all, but Iíve never been into social networking.

    Maybe Iíll be pleasantly surprised when it arrives, if it ever does.

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    "Nothing is going to change about our games"

    Content included.

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    sad but true.



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