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  1. Default Cash Shop Surprise Update!

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    Does that mean they are swtiching rewards or making it even more bloated?

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    Well, if Nexon were filling a pinata they'd put in 3 pieces of candy and 600 cubic gallons of water so I can't imagine this will be much saner.

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    They should make it where you can only get 1 of each pet, facial expression, nx outfit or whatnot. People are gonna end up having 10000 winks.

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    Less chances to get Pink Bean. Yay?

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    Ack. Moar junk!

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    Suddenly, I don't feel like buying any CS surprises anymore.

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    that's what they get for taking part in this.

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    But they will only show up as one wink, in the inventory.

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    More junk and less Pink Bean. Do not want.

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    Quick calculations for people still breaking the bank trying to get a permanent Pink Bean:

    The pet is out in MSEA, as seen in another thread, and (hoping someone brilliant in other versions can confirm) most likely out in other versions as a normal pet that dries up every three months and needs to be revived with a Water of Life.

    The pet costs 9.6k NX to buy and lasts for 3 months, while the Water of Life costs 3k NX and ensures vitality in your animated pixel creature for another three months.

    To make the math easy, and to reinforce the concept behind this point even more, let's just say you're going to play MS for a whopping 10 years of your life, and use your lovely Pink Bean pet the whole time. To have a live Pink Bean that entire time, you must first buy the pet (9.6k NX for 3 months) and then buy 39 Water of Lifes every 3 months, totaling to 40 x 3 = 120 months of life (120 months / 12 = 10 years).

    Total cost to keep that pet alive for 10 years: 126.6k NX

    So what does this mean? If you've spent over 126k NX on CS Box Surprises trying to get Pink Bean and have yet to receive your wonderful pet, you have already wasted the money required to keep one alive for 10 years. Now I know some of you may go, "Hey, MapleStory is my life man! I'll be playing this for a super long time - no matter how old I get!" then you're doing fine, keep wasting your paychecks and hopefully you'll break even in the long run.

    LESSON OF THE DAY? Be smart with how much you spend. If you're only looking to play this game for, say, another year or two, why spend more than 19k-31k (the price to buy the pet and keep it alive that long) on CS Box Surprises, if your only goal is to get the pet?

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    Buying a water of life every 3 months is small time anyway compared to all the other equips you have to buy along with the pet to get any use out of it. They could easily make all pets last forever and still rake in the money from them.

    The pet is just more of a status symbol really to flaunt over others.

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    I spent $35 on the event and was happy with the results. I might spend another $10, but after that it's pointless.

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    Special Pink Bean pet is worth it.
    Even if it is a lot more money than its worth.

    Moon Star Chair, for example, has little to no "worth" in terms of healing capabilities. In overall value of how cool it is, it would be worth a lot of money.

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    The difference though is that the Moon Star Chair was a guaranteed reward for a certain number of collected crystals, and to this date hasn't been released in any other way in several versions (though others have/had it in Gachapon, the differences between versions with Gach are so great that you can't look to others for predictions of future items in ours).

    I'm not trying to refute the idea that it's a status symbol, but rather enlighten the open-minded to the pointless lottery gamble that attempting for one now truly is. It sickens me to see competent, intelligent people waste their money like such, but I guess that's the world of gambling addictions anyways. Criticize or try to "correct" my methods for trying, but trying to do something to help, even if in the grand scheme of things it does nothing, is better than doing nothing at all. Optimism and action always help something, unlike hopelessness and lazy apathy.

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    It's just an example.

    Are all of my examples really this obsolete?

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    Because expiring PB isn't available yet, another factor that could influence the massive spending of money is the uniqueness and rarity, though I'll give it like 6 months at best.

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    i see henesys REG coupons. nexon better change that to EXP or they will receive more flames than a witch in salem.

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    Well from what you're saying, would you think Maple Story would be alive for at least 10 more years at the rate it's going? Of couse Nexon is all about making money (not that I have any problem with that), but I take it'd be better to have a temporary pet every 3 months for a smaller fee, than spend one big lump sump of cash for one permanent.

    Not intending to flame or anything either, but self-control is sort of needed like this; People blaming their own NX spending on Nexon when they know the odds of getting one... Whose the one making the decision to spend their money on something they don't like? Don't take the risk if you're going to be unhappy about a bad result which might happen most of the time...
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