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  1. Default I now know what "P" resist is

    How "P" resist works:
    1. Any skill that does not have elemAttr defined on it is affected (Lucky 7, Power Strike, Brandish, Magic Claw). Skills that have elemAttr defined do regular damage.
    2. Regular attacks are not affected (gun whack, bow whack, single star throw or punching)
    3. Skills which apply or receive elements from/to other skills (flame/ice charge, charge blow) are still affected by P resist and the skill being applied to (Rush, Blast, Power Strike) is affected as well. (See this post for more info)
    4. Summons that are element-neutral (Summon Dragon, Gaviota, Octopus) "miss" on P1 and hit for half damage on P2
    5. "P" immunity does not prevent status effects from neutral skills (Blind, Hamstring, Disorder)
    6. Marksman's "Snipe" is not affected by "P" resist


    Proof is in the pudding

    The following skills are unaffected by P resistance:

    Hero: None
    Paladin: None
    Dark Knight: None

    F/P AM: Fire Arrow, Poison Breath, Explosion, Poison Mist, Compo, Fire Demon, Elquines, Paralyze, Meteo
    I/L AM: Cold Beam, Lightning, Ice Strike, Thunder Spear, Compo, Ice Demon, Ifrit, Chain Lightning, Blizzard
    Bishop: Holy Arrow, Shining Ray, Bahamut, Angel Ray, Genesis

    Bowmaster: Inferno, Phoenix
    Marksman: Blizzard, Freezer, Snipe

    Night Lord: None
    Shadower: None

    Buccaneer: None
    Corsair: Flamethrower, Ice Splitter

  2. Default

    I guess Soul Charge is considered Neutral, too. So, if a Dawn Warrior attacked with Soul Charge in action, would he hit 1?
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    I'm doing more testing. I tried Power Strike with Flame Charge and kept getting 1, 1, 1, 1.

  4. Default

    but why is your flame claw dmg so low? as i understand flame claw is fire elemental so it should be hitting your 2K-ish dmg that your 1st dmg screen is showing... or am i missing something here?

    whoops lvl 1 flame claw vs lvl 20 magic claw..... opps

  5. Default

    Refresh. I edited it to say level 1 instead of max. My mistake there.

  6. Default

    So I'm guessing "P1" = damage 1 and "P2" = damage / 2 if a neutral skill is used ?
    Edit : Yeah, this seems to be right. 1 = Immune, 2 = strong, 3 = weak

    This is the element string for Pink Bean, 8820001
    <string name="elemAttr" value="P2H2F2I2" />

    Pss.. This sucks :( finally something resistance to neutral.
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    How does it work on half-elemental attacks? (Inferno and Blizzard are defined with 50 element instead of 100)

  8. Default

    It has elemAttr defined. It does regular damage.

  9. Default

    So you're absolutely sure that on the Global servers, WK/Paladin charge skills are still resisted by P1/P2?

    If so, that sucks. Elemental resisted twice, this way and by normal elemental resistance... Nexon sure hates lolPaladins.

    EDIT: Does it stack? Like, if a Paladin used Holy Charge on Pink Bean, they'd end up with 25% damage?

  10. Default

    I feel fairly confident this is how it will work on global servers. The client interprets the damage caused by elemental change, and P resistance should be no different. I'm not quite sure how the resistance "P2L2" would affect a paladin with lightning charge (double effect? Maybe it's just a switch-based system where only one would take effect and not both, then again, considering element compo and how it works with dual resistances...).

  11. Default

    Yeah, Comp with dual resistances gives a clue, but I'm still unsure, considering Comp is actually 50% of each element, and this is due to two different skills being used.

    It just seems really, really broken and unfair to have only one class that can incur a -75% damage penalty.

  12. Default

    I'm going to test lolPaladin and I'm going to test how it works regarding crits, kthxbrb


    With the paladin, I used the following stats:

    1H BW
    0 STR
    590 DEX (to give 100 ~ 100 range)
    Max Lightning Charge activated
    Max Power Strike
    Mob had "P2L2" resistance

    The damage went like this: 81, 81, 81, 81

    (2.6 * 1.25) = 3.25 multiplier * 0.5 (P resist) * 0.5 (Lit Resist) = 0.8125 multiplier

    Double reduction

    EDIT #2:

    Clean Kandiva Bow
    Regular arrows
    129 STR
    0 DEX (for 100 ~ 100 range)
    Max Double Shot
    Max Crit
    Mob had "P2L2" resist

    Here's the damage it did


    100 ~ 100 (range) * 0.5 (P2 resist) = 50 ~ 50 range

    50 ~ 50 range * 1.3 (Double Shot) = 65 damage
    65 damage + 100% damage (50 damage) = 115 crit damage

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    So much for the people saying that because Paladins are elemental, they'll be strongest on PB.
    5.5(Blast)*0.5(p2)*1.25(lightning) = 343.75%
    5.2(Brandish)*0.5(p2)*1.9(ac+10orbs) = 494%

    It's like having all the weaknesses at once... is there a P3, physical-weak?

  14. Default

    I'm sure there is, but no mob to date has it.

  15. Default

    So all they need to do now is to make a physical weak, element weak boss to make paladins god.

  16. Default

    Way to make paladins near-useless at PB =/

  17. Default

    Or change elemental charges so that when you attack using them, the attack is counted as elemental only.. it's pretty stupid that an attack can lose 50% for being an element, and then another 50% for not being an element.

  18. I AM NOW "Mute"
    IGN: Stephen
    Server: U.S.A.
    Level: 21
    Job: None
    Guild: No where
    Alliance: Unemployment


    so, given all that...
    mages finally can shine at a boss?

  19. Default

    Given that mages can use Paralyze (Poison) and Chain Lightning (Lightning) and still retain full power AND have crowd control over PBs summons, I'd say that mages finally pack a wallop at this boss.

  20. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    It's funny that mages will probably be getting the apples for Pink Bean.

    Great contribution Fiel. This may help finalize the strategy to taking down Pink Pikachu, other than future NX features like pendant expansion and Wheel of Destiny.



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