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Thread: [Forum] 09.10 Login Issues

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    So that's why when I open the client, I get the "Cannot connect" error.

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    Hello? We kinda already can fix it?

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    What's this? Login issues? Free 2x exp then?

    I have homework to do, sorry for those who want to play but can't, and a free event (not saying there is, but they love to have trends...) for getting to 120 is not bad at all with me.

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    Im guessing this is due to the hackshield update error theres like 3 posts about this going on around SP if you check them Nexon has posted a soloution for now as how to update by DLing the files for hackshield and pasteing them in the folder

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    Delete HS folder, get new files, play.

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    the problem is hshield cannot connect so as to update...i had to manually download the update in order to log in properly.



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