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Thread: [In Progress] Meso Sacks on Sale

  1. Default Meso Sacks on Sale

    Exchange rate for the lazy:
    Bronze1m $0.40
    Silver5m $0.38
    Gold10m $0.36
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    Let's see...the going rate for NX in Khaini is something like 4-5mil:1k nx...

    400nx = 1.6-2mil

    1920nx = 7.68-9.6mil

    3600nx = 14.4-18mil

    Go Nexon.

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    Really because 1k nx in scania is worth something like 7-9m -_- gogo nx deflation!

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    In Windia, Maple Shields go for ~28m and sell in the MTS for ~4k NX. Nexon is trying to rip people off xD

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    If Nexon sold at the actual exchange rate people would have no reason to buy from meso sellers, and it would be pumping billions of pure mesos into the economy, making the exchange rate even higher. So yeah.

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    Your exchange rates are wrong for the silver and gold bags >_>

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    How? o-o

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    No they're not, they're just per million. So if 1m is 400 ($0.40) then technically 5m should be $2.00, but it's $1.92 and you divide that by 5 (5m) to get the price of a single million to determine which would be the best deal if you're going to buy masses of them.

    So yeah, the exchange rates up there aren't based on the whole item but the nx to million meso ratio.

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    Just the silver, which is actually 384nx per 1mil.

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    Oops, didn't know it was per mil.

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    lol I read the title as "Meso Hacks on Sale".

    Meh still not cheap enough to get me to part with money for them.

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    Wait what, their solution to all that hacked mesos in the economoy is to pump MORE mesos into the economy?

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    Perhaps they think Maker + Donor Medals + Hammer (someone else's assumption) overdid their roles as a meso sink and decide that now is the time to break yet another revenue record for next month?

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    You know how much MORE mesos a smart player can make instead of this 3.6k NX for 10m crap? I can spent 1.2k NX for a Glove for Attack 60%, buy three of those, and make 30m instead of 10m. Using the same NX in a different way, I can TRIPLE what meso bags can give me. If anything, this is an attempt to try to rectify people who buy mesos from hacker/gold farming sites. This ratio is nothing compared to what you can get from a gold farming site, who also produce mesos out of thin air by never having to use potions.

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    Just wondering, are Meso Sacks NX Card-only? (Still waiting to find out what to buy with paypal nx.)
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    Nexon, you wanna sell?

    Put it for 1,5k.

    Break the game more please.

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    with miscellaneous things to increase the exp to compete with pservers and this to compete with the gold farmers, seems like selling maple hacks may just be the next big thing for gms.

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    meso sellers have mesos for 10x the quanity and a third of the price. No thank you, Nexon.



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