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Thread: [Notice] Item Unlock Requests

  1. Default Item Unlock Requests

    AKA - We suck badly, and are too incompetent to do it right, so why bother.

    BTW, I love how they posted on the 17th that they stopped taking requests as of the 12th, and still haven't even made it visible. Classy.
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  2. Default

    Not even a mention of fixing it in the future.

    Did they actually sort out what happened to Harrison's items in the end?

  3. Default

    As I understand it, they recycled the "expiration" field for the time based seal flags... So when they took off the seal flag without taking off the expiration, the expiration reverted to it's original meaning... and his overall went the way of the branch noses because the GMs have absolutely no technical knowledge and didn't even bother consulting the engineering team.

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    Idiotic Nexon and their issues of miscommunication. As much as Harrisonized may get under my skin from time to time, he is extremely thorough and organized with what he does, and a person like him who followed all of their rules and did everything possible to save his equipment shouldn't lose such an item. They have freaking screenshots from him from every moment of the Coat's destruction, and should create an exact replica for him for his service. I doubt they'd know their item locks were glitching had he not been so clear and prompt with his notices.

    Though knowing Nexon, they'll give him and several others some crappy rebate, which yet again shows their incompetence at communication with their engineering team considering packet editing teenagers could easily recreate that item if they wanted.


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    10 to 1 odds favor them giving him a 10k Maple Point "apology" that comes absolutely nowhere near replacing what he actually lost and threatening him with a "duplicate ticket" ban if he opens another ticket about it after they "address" it.

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    Oh dear, Harrisonized got owned. Badly.

  7. Default

    At least it wasn't his hat. If it was his hat they would have released a biblical kind of wrath.

  8. Default

    And all this over Harrison........
    I knew he caused trouble, but now with Nexon?

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    I actually chuckled throughout that entire thread. That was seriously like one of those Twilight Zone/M. Night Shyamalan type twists, and Froznlite couldn't have put it any better about the circumstances involved in it.

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    Harrison, who of course has a habit of screenshotting almost everything he does, has of course sent a ticket to Nexon about his overall expiring. He also posted a thread on the Nexon forums. He wants his overall back, as well as the costs of the item lock refunded. Hopefully they both happen. If the worst happens and he doesn't get it back, he did manage to make a very nice black oriental fury coat from Maker which he will scroll. Hopefully things will turn out right, because Nexon DID recognize the issue after all. It'll probably be a while before we know, because Harrison's away for the week. Either way, this should never have happened.

    EDIT: Also, Harrison told me the same thing happened to someone else he knows.
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    I don't understand what the temp item locks are for... are they trying to encourage account sharing or something? I might lock my ZHelm against hacking once it's the best it's gonna get (or similar items that I just can't get again) but I wouldn't want to get a new lock every 3 months.

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    Yet if you wanted security, you'd HAVE to. Milking the cash cow, yet again.

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    What if you manage to acquire an even better item? Or change your mind about the lock? Not everybody will end up keeping their end-game items forever, especially with the general power creep of MS items.

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    was the lock that he used permanent or had an expiration date o.o?

  15. Default

    To the first, that's why I haven't locked my 12 atk SCG or anything. It would have to mean something more to me than just good stats, it'd have to be one-of-a-kind irreplaceable. I thought about locking my Golden Mole, but then they took away the permanent locks again.

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    God damn item locks. Now I'm scared to lock my valuables.

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    I still don't get the point of the locks. Oh boy! I can make my equips untradable!

  18. Default

    It gives people the impression that they are safe if they get key-logged.

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    heh; ever since they removed the permanent item locks and replaced them with the temp ones, i knew it was bound to fail. the whole point of having a locked item that only stays locked for a short period of time DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF EVEN LOCKING IT AT ALL!! ahDUR nexon, way to pineappleing go.



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