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  1. Post Ask a Magician Thread.

    What is the "Ask a Magician Thread?"

    It is a thread (hopefully sticked!) that will allow you to ask as many questions you can ask to the Magicians of Maple. They will try their best to answer your question/concern.

    All you have to do post your question/concern. It would be very helpful if the question was to the point, specific, and preferably readable! It's just so that the Magicians can understand you. :D

    Example questions:

    • Should I continue to add points into Luck?
    • Should I get Lightning Bolt or Cold Beam first?
    • What is Pizard?
    • Which Mage levels the fastest?
    Basic information:

    • The 1st Job Advancement for the Magician is level 8.
      • 20 Int is required to Job Advance to the Magician.
    • For equips:
      • Luck-Your Level+3. (ex. Leve 38, Luck=41)
    Frequently asked questions: (coming soon)
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  2. Helium Atom
    IGN: Protected
    Server: Gerrant
    Level: 32
    Job: Priest
    Guild: Risen
    Alliance: Somnium


    I'm currently a lvl 137 "funded" LL bishop with 12.5k MP and I need some input on my saved points for Genesis. I have the following point distribution:

    9 MW
    1 Genesis
    30 Bahamut
    1 Resurrection
    13 saved points

    With the Mage damage calculator, I can 100% 2HKO skelegons/skelesaurus if I apply 9 more points to Genesis, At level 150 with Genesis 1, I can 100% 2HKO skelegons, but not skelesaurus. Our training goal as bishops is to 1HKO skeles. To reach that goal, we would have to level up our Genesis. So my question to you guys is, should I wait to level up Genesis when I can 1HKO or just apply all 9 points to Genesis when I level up to make my training faster? Pretty much I'm asking everyone is it worth the wait?

    I try to be conservative with pots, but is it worth the wait?

  3. Default

    If you find it to be more beneficial on the wallet by being able 2hko now, then go for it. If not, don't. Usually, such decisions are generally decided upon based on meso efficiency. However ..

    I see that your res is level one. If you plan on HT'ing real soon (perhaps in your 14x's), you might want to delay getting more genesis and instead, adding into res.

  4. Default

    You should point out that luk required and luk capping are very different things. Because it's somewhat important to cap luk rather than be a level 100 with 103 base luk. It's from the thief bloods that quit their thieves and moved to playing a magician that brought the idea over: luk capping and/or low luk.

    Low luk means you keep your luk low; luk is not used in the magic formula thus, any more luk than the luk required to hold your weapon becomes useless towards damage. its useful in the sense that it adds some more avoid but for damage, it does nothing.

    Lowering luk by 1 point means raising int by one point. So if you hold a kage which needs 88(?) luk, you would probably wear a level 68 or 78 overall which adds a few luk to your base and helps you hold the kage. you can use a luk overall but luk is more expensive than int. you can also make use of luk from your hat, shoes and gloves.

  5. Orbital Bee Cannon Gay Male
    IGN: ZidaneKun
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 18x
    Job: Luminous
    Guild: Integrity
    Alliance: Excellence


    This is what you should be worried about. I know on my bishop I trained on lvl 1 genesis till i had a reason to raise it (getting gen20/30) maybe you could put it at lvl 5 just to pass lvl 20 gen, but other than that I REALLY think u need to max res. for ht (if you ever wanna earn ur pendant/egg/mw/gen30)


    *edit: p.s. lvl of gen is really up to you. depends on ur patience/meso. In the end, in the higher lvls u will wish you had a lower gen (unless u have 2bil)
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  6. Default

    Oh that reminded me. I think putting points into gen doesn't matter at the moment unless you're able to 3hko newties 100% with, say, level 5 or 6 gen. THEN it's worth the trouble.

  7. ☆ ♥ ツ Straight Female
    IGN: QuIt!!!
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 184
    Job: ♥Bishop
    Guild: QUIT!
    Alliance: quit quit QUIT


    Ok, so I have a few questions about my priest. Currently i'm lvl 107 and I have maxed HS, SR, Dispel, 1 door, 14 ER, around 10 on dragon and 3 or so on doom... (the points for ER and dragon might be a little off since I don't have MS open right now)

    What i'm wondering is when I max ER what should I continue to put points in? I know dragon has to be lvl 15 to get Bahamut so what would be better? Doom or door or continue with dragon?

  8. Default

    Doom is really fun to play with, not many practical uses in training. Door is nice to have maxed because you can train somewhere like Deep Leafre, door yourself to Leafre, repot and catch the door before it dies. :/
    At 107, not much time left to use Dragon, although the points would probably be better used there than Doom.
    I'm not a priest, so don't take this advice without thinking it through/getting someone else to back it up. xP

  9. Default

    Naw, this is decent advice.

    What I'd do is get a level 10 door (2 minutes), so that you can time it with HS, then use the rest of the points in doom. Personally, I never used dragon a whole lot during 3rd job anyway. It doesn't make much of a difference now, as a bishop.

  10. Default

    Don't you need 15 dragon for bahamut?
    Also, I LOVE max door, it's extremely convenient.

  11. Default

    Yes, you do. Sorry, I meant 15 dragon then 2 minute door and rest in doom.

  12. Proton
    IGN: HSforKradia
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 17x
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: Bliss
    Alliance: Dynesty


    I got level 5 Gen and I really regret doing it. And since we play in Kradia, it's even a bigger matter that there's a lack of availability of HT Skills and well scrolled equips.

    Keep it at level 1. Stick to Newties if you have to. You're going to be able to 100% 2HKO Skeles/g sooner than being about to 100% 1HKO. Might as well save your Mesos, till you gain enough Magic Attack.

  13. Default

    Sorry if this sounds weird, but how much is 1 Attack Power?

    For example, if Genesis 1 is 430 Attack Power, and Genesis 2 is 440 Attack Power, how much more damage could I expect with 10 more Attack Power?

    I'm a nub mage, so sorry for any weirdness...

  14. Neutron
    IGN: Iunare
    Server: Windia
    Level: 13x
    Job: Arch Mage+Pries
    Guild: Inspire
    Alliance: Fable


    It depends on how much magic attack you have yourself. There's some magical formula that calculates your damage with the attack and your magic.

  15. Default

    (Magic * 3.3 + Magic *Magic * 0.003365 + INT * 0.5) * (Spell Atk)/100 = Max Damage

  16. Neutron
    IGN: Iunare
    Server: Windia
    Level: 13x
    Job: Arch Mage+Pries
    Guild: Inspire
    Alliance: Fable


    Well thank you Hazzy, I never did look into that thread like I should have x_x.

    And there you have it.

  17. Default

    Might not be 100% accurate, as the search I did a while back pulled up a few threads, that one stuck out to me. (was too long ago to remember. D:)

  18. Proton
    IGN: HSforKradia
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 17x
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: Bliss
    Alliance: Dynesty


    I think that equation is a bit off.

    [(Magic/167.25) + (Magic/27.85)] * Spell Att = Max

    Because Damage is calculated with other factors, there's no set amount of Damage you gain from 1 Spell Att. It would widely depend on your Magic.

  19. Neutron
    IGN: Darklai
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 12x
    Job: I/L Kweh <3
    Guild: FinalFantasy
    Alliance: Chemmis


    Okay guys, I need some input on my plan of my 4th job skills. x:

    My plan consists of putting 2 points into Blizzard and 1 into CL up until I have lvl 10 Blizzard, then just max off CL. The reason I plan on doing this is to not go broke so quickly and yet be able to train fastly, and start getting CL to a decent point so I can boss with it. I planned on training at Red Wyverns for a bit to make some mesars with the Metus' they drop while at the same time gaining decent experience.

    For further reference, I currently have like 721 M.att (or so) at level 110 and am in process of upgrading my stuff yet. I'm also not sure if I'd be able to train in party or solo due to being innactive for so long and everyone dissapearing on me.

    Any comments or suggestions? x:

  20. Neutron
    IGN: Iunare
    Server: Windia
    Level: 13x
    Job: Arch Mage+Pries
    Guild: Inspire
    Alliance: Fable


    You're probably not going to want more points in Blizzard until it reduces the amount of hits it will take you to kill whatever monster you'll be training on. 1 in blizzard is fine for quite a while. CL is a very important skill if you plan to boss at all, you should be maxing that A.S.A.P. Now that Ifrit's attacking pattern has returned to how it was pre-.55 Ifrit is very helpful. From 120-131 you should probably just put a point in Blizzard and max CL.



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