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Thread: [MSEA] [0.78] Anniversary

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    MapleSEA 1500 Days Flag
    Face Accessory - All classes
    Required Level: 10
    STR: +15
    DEX: +15
    INT: +15
    LUK: +15
    Time Limited
    Only 1 per character
    Cannot resell to merchants

    HP wash go!

    Also, @ Balrog Equips,
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    what's with the wimpy bosses?

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    Fake bosses?
    What's with 8 slot but 3 below average weapons?

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    I'm really not liking the idea of Cash Shop items with stats. Ergh.

    Also, I thought the Balrog boss only had the shoe equips related to him? Unless I wasn't paying attention back when he was released and stuff, I don't recall him dropping equips too (especially ones with 8 slots).

    And I can't help but laugh at the mass of items that are time-limited. Almost more than half of all the new items expire after so long.

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    look at that metus. It's a lot more than 3 below.

  7. Water

    IGN: Negerpaardje
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 105
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Infinity
    Alliance: ~~~~


    I don't care what you say that is NOT a mushroom.

    Way to go, Asiasoft!

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    Didn't see that, was looking at polearms. And where is my Balrog Kickass Fast Speed PA? Anyways, lol @ lv 90 weaker than level 80. Eviscerator all over again?

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    Onoz. Cash Shop weapons which give weapon and magic attack.

    Also, they got many other CS items that give stats. GG Asiasoft.

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    wtp @ The Cash Shop items... Why the hell would they give CS items that give stats? Oh wait, I forgot... Nexon/Asia Soft is money-hungry and will do anything to get money... >_>

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    Vicious Hammer, anyone? I'm glad we aren't getting it... I hope.

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    That's undoubtedly better than CS weapons that give you +2 attack.. or other equips that give you stats..

    Yeah, we got a ring that gives +1 to all stats.. but not this..

    I really hope we won't get this.

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    We have that ring as well. And I'd classify Vicious Hammer in the same category as these items...

    Yeah. Right. Way to go.

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    Right, because having CS items (which expires) give an extra 1/2 stats will totally ruin the game while other CS items like Vicious Hammer, which allows for even more abuse, or a Coupon that allows anyone to create a character starting from lvl 30 will not spoil the game.

    EDIT: I seriously hope that those aren't the only balrog weapons that we are getting. WTH happened to the original ones?

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    On a side note:

    Jun Pyo? Ju Jun Pyo? Boys Over Flowers? Wtp?

    Oh, and thanks for the extraction, Fiel. I really wanted to know what was going into our data this patch...
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    Unless Asiasoft added them the patch before, or this isn't the final version of the patch yet.

    I hope.

    Anyways, how do you acquire the "original" Balrog weapons? Does Balrog drop them?

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    Well, it's an extremely popular K-drama in SEA, so I'm not surprised they put it in. I'm a fan myself. :P

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    Same here I wish they'd include the whole of F4, though.


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