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  1. Default Elemental Wands & Staves Campaign

    First off – This is not a discussion thread, we’ve all rehashed the subject repeatedly and there is nothing left to be said in that regards, this is a volunteering thread for those of you sick of talk and wanting to actually see something done and get some answers.

    Any of you who are interested in expressing your opinion directly to Nexon are welcome to reply to this thread, or PM me, and I will respond to you in private with additional information about the subject. There is no dark secret behind the privacy aspect, it's simply to keep everything channeled and focused rather than scattershot and haphazard.

    Just to be absolutely clear – The agenda of this campaign is to get Nexon to actually address us on the subject of these weapons and tell us what they intended them to be, how they intend for them to work, and if/when they’re going to be making changes to them.

    Whether you’re on the “Fix them” side of the fence or the “keep them as is” you’re equally free to speak your piece in this contact – It will be 100% your own words that get to them. The key point here is volume of people who bring up the same subject.

    If you’re not interested in trying, don’t think it will work, don’t care, or whatever, just don’t reply. Go on with your life and you’ve lost nothing. If you want the chance to make a difference lets give it a go. The worst case scenario is we spend a negligible amount of time and effort and get ignored once again, but I believe that enough of us doing this will effect a positive change and remind Nexon that a service industry, as they claim to be, exists to serve its customers.

    Thank you for your time and hoping to see your support. If this campaign is successful it opens avenues for future communication with Nexon, so please be willing to give it a try.

  2. Default

    I'd like to see them working as originally intended in KMS.

    Good luck with the campaign.

  3. Default

    lol, I'm unclear whether that was volunteering to join or not

  4. Default

    Heh, you have my moral support to get stuck into Nexon, even if I have no eloquent prose you can use to back up your campaign "to get Nexon to actually address us on the subject of these weapons and tell us what they intended them to be, how they intend for them to work, and if/when they’re going to be making changes to them."

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    I would like to volunteer.

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    Yah I'd like to know exactly what nexon intends to do with these weapons, count me in please!

  7. Default

    Thank you and well said. Let's try to remain on focus.

    If you want to be included in the campaign and express your opinion you're welcome to, but this thread itself is not the place to continue the drama. We've heard it all before, noone cares about either side's views. There is noone left to sway. Everyone's picked a side and they're not going to budge. There is no reason to keep repeating our positions when we could instead focus on getting Nexon to give us a little of the open communication they so recently promised us.

  8. Default

    While I would love to see what nexon is thinking in this regards I'm kind of leery of actually volunteering without any information of what I'm doing. How time consuming would this be?

  9. Default

    About as long as it takes you write, sign, and mail a letter.
    The most time consuming aspect is waiting for the appropriate date/time to send and that's all being coordinated.

  10. Default

    Looks as if the Elemental Wands/Staves in gMS are working as Nexon American intended. You wont change their minds.

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    The thing is, eos want to truly confirm this by having a "yes, we did not implement the 25% reduction on purpose" from Nexon. By the looks is just a guess, and not a confirmation.

  12. Default

    Something along that lines.
    I'd essentially like them to put descriptive text on the items explain their fully intended functionality. Once that's there it can be truly determined whether they're working as designed and both camps have a definitive answer on the "how it's meant to work" and what is or isn't a bug.

    It's really the only way the drama will ever properly end is with answers only Nexon has. Until then every single patch is going to be another wave of "is this when it will fix" and the associated drama and irritation.

    Since it's such a damn simple question Nexon has no reason not to just tell us. It's not like it's a big deep dark secret. Every other version with these has the info right on the item after all.

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    If i remember correctly...:

    1) Ewands/staves came from JMS.
    2) KMS doesn't have them.


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    I'm told they're present in JMS (origin), MapleSEA, KMS and CMS now, in addition to us.

    Everyone just assumes they came from KMS since the majority of the content does.

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    Why didn't you ask the two GMs who visited you after you won that NX Card?

    IGN: Overburnd
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    I didn't really know/care about SEA and CMS, but yeah, i figured KMS didn't have them since it's much more powerful than some of the other things they lack. (pink capes)

  17. Default

    1. I got what I needed from them.
    2. I don't want a private in game answer from a GM (Which would've simply been "We'll look into it", again), I want a real answer that's public.
    3. I had more urgent needs for them elsewhere if you notice.

  18. Default


    Because we can all trust what GMs say about things in game.

    As for the topic at hand: I'd like to see an answer, if not just so that the arguing and whining about the staffs would stop.

  19. Default

    Thanks everyone who's expressed interest - Please remember this is time sensative. We will have a very narrow window to submit our opinions so we need to get everyone on board ASAP and ready to go.

    Check your PMs for instructions if you've volunteered already. I'm going to have to stop accepting new volunteers sometime tomorrow night so we can pick an appropriate target date and make this happen. Please be sure to get in while you can.

    If you volunteered and haven't gotten a PM from me, please PM me and I'll fill you in.

  20. Default

    I would like to volunteer.



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