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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.244] Maple Radio

  1. Default [1.2.244] Maple Radio

    Looks like Maplestory is adding a radio of its own. Included in this 78MB patch file was an 85 minute long MP3. I'm uploading the MP3 to rapidshare as I type this. Of course, with it being from KMST, it's all in Korean, so don't bother downloading unless you understand the language!

    Also, with the name of the track being "Aran", I'm sure you can understand the subject matter of the radio for the time being.

  2. Default

    Boo, so it is a radio to listen to MapleStory music?

    I was hoping to listen to Hannah Montana while training in the future. What a let down.


  3. Default

    Looks interesting..

    Would be even more interesting if you could choose the music to listen to..

  4. Default

    It's not Maple music. From what I'm hearing, it sounds more like an interview.

  5. Default

    Hopefully this isn't another MapleTV style failure, can be turned off, and doesn't induce lag.

  6. Default

    technically, you can turn maple tv off.

    and before anyone jumps to conclusions, its not hacking.
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    I know, but you can't remove the tv itself, which is more annoying.

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    I'd laugh hysterically if this was some kind of NPR clone based around in-game lore.

    Althoug hilarious, it'd be incredibly badass at the same time.

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    What the fk i was like what the fk when i was the topic but dangg its just an interview i guess not a radio

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    spadow posted on his blog about it, there is a button "radio on/off"

    so yeah, u can turn it off

  11. Cash6

    Her music burns my ears. I still like her though.

    B> miley cyrus

  12. Default

    That would be cool if it was live, so I wonder how you listen to it. I know theres the UI buttons but where are they? In the corner of your screen? Another UI Window?

  13. Default

    Most likely a UI Window.
    Putting it on the Screen might clutter the screen up.

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    Someone should try replacing the MP3 with a song or something.

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    this is a terrible idea. i hope it never makes it out of kmst. music files are huge and to have any kind of decent selection they will have to make the game take up at least another 1gb. your download time will double if you ever have to reinstall. why cant they use a streaming media type of website and just make a radio station there? the way they want to do this is just going to muck up their game.


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    why not just wait and see how it works what its for and if its just a one time thing that will get removed next patch before calling it a stupid idea

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    it doesnt matter how it works or what its for, they included a useless 78 mb in the patch file that will only hinder the spread of their game. if they had announced it on the website and provided a link to streaming radio or ANYTHING but including it in the game file, it wouldnt be stupid.

  18. Water

    IGN: Negerpaardje
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 105
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Infinity
    Alliance: ~~~~


    Don't mean to spam, but rather than write out my thoughts, I think I'll just quote my thoughts which accidentally came off this guys keyboard instead of mine.

  19. Default

    who sais the radio is not part of a quest or something, i could think of tons of fun quest scenario's to do with a piece of spoken text..

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Even stupider, because it's easier and quicker to do it by text instead of a sound file. Especially when it gets to the point where other versions get it, they have to translate the words and replicate the tone and everything...



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