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  1. Default What's causing all the inflation?

    Don't know about other servers, but in Khaini the cost of 60% glove atk scrolls doubled in the past two weeks.

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    Say what? Haven't 60% Glove Att scrolls dropped in price? I know in the MTS and in the FM (Bellocan) they're going for less.

    FM price only dropped a little though.

  3. DUCKS
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    Marketers, most likely. That, and speculations leading to people buying them out and such.

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    There's been inflation in Windia on following items:
    - Chaos scrolls: 130m+
    - White Scrolls: 300m+
    - Glove for Attack 60%/70%: 8m+ (net increment of over 60%)
    This is merely additional details, if I had to guess for a reason, I'd suppose NLC gachapon is to blame.

    Anyone good with economics?


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    Glove for attack 60% could also be blamed on the new agent gloves... People trying to get a 11 atk glove cheaper than it would be normally (only 4 scrolls)

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    2 things -
    Permanent base attack gloves that can be chaos'd
    MTS Glove 60% crash, so people are overcompensating trying to re-inflate.

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    Yeah, Glove Attack scrolls DOUBLED in price in Bera. (5m -> 10m) Chaos scrolls more than tripled. (40m -> 130m) White scrolls inflated a lot, too.

    It's weird, considering these scrolls should be more common now with the Gach event. :\

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    White scrolls have fallen into the merchant trap -
    People see prices rising, so they buy the cheapest ones, then put in their shop 10-15m higher. Next person sees this and repeats the process.

    In 4 days, White Scrolls dropped from 600m to 150m. In 4 more, they rose from 150m to bordering 275-300m.

    Chaos have risen because people are misunderstanding the event chaos scrolls being given out or don't know about them, as well as the above. On top of this, mass chaos'ing Broken Glasses and Altaire Earrings
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    People have switched their regular gachapon area from Zipangu to NLC, this means however, less dark scrolls -> Inflation. For others like Glove ATT, White scrolls and Chaos scrolls, I'm going to guess and say a group of merchants is probably monopolizing it.

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    On top of all that previously listed, those meso selling websites are selling for less than ever before... ... and (obviously) ridiculous amounts of meso are being put in the economy.

  12. Won't Be Coming Back

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    This is the problem, and it's a result of Nexon's retarded Gachapon idea.

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    You want the reason?

    5$ = 100M

    Chinese hackers got dupes.


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    60 bucks for 1bil, I would rather buy this than gach o.O

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    Yup, meso buyers are the reason. Those rates are ridiculously cheap, thus they can easily buy a bunch of meso and inflate everything. Glove ATKs also went to 8-10m and Chaos Scrolls are almost 200m in Bera. White Scrolls are also going back up despite the fact that NLC gach is constantly spitting them out.

  16. ☮♫♥ Gay Male
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    Well, let's think logically, step by step going backwards.

    1. Item prices across the market raise because people are now able to increase the demand due to having more money. In other words, a large portion of the population increased it's buying power within a very short period of time, thus increasing demand and prices.

    2. The question then is: how did a large portion of the population increase it's buying power in such a short period of time since the last patch? In order to do so, an item or several items that are easy to obtain and have the potential to sell for a lot must have been implemented in the game, and thus are now readily obtained by a large percentage instead of the elite few.

    So to answer "Where has all this inflation come from?" and "Why is the meso devaluing," answer What expensive/potentially expensive item(s) are people getting easily/more easily than before?

    My bets are on White Scrolls, Chaos Scrolls, Altaire Earrings, Broken Glasses, and Titanium Receivers. Even noobs understand they can price these things relatively high, especially if they Chaos/Agent Chaos the last three. And what do noobs buy? 60% GFAs (xD).

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    The heck? I remember buying Mesos when I started 3 years ago and they where like 20mill for 12$

    Which back then was alot. Not that I really care to do somthing like this. Thats insain! if only nexon could send there Copy-pasta.. I mean lawyer to take them down!

    Umm, one question though. Is what they are doing illegal? I mean, if they are selling mesos they got "legitly"? I know they just use hacks or whatever, I'm just wonderin'

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    Read the TOS, it states that you cannot trade anything in Maple for anything "IRL".
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    It all depends on how they word it in fine print.

    Selling mesos is not okay as you explicitly agree that anything to do with your account is property of Nexon, they just let you access it and junk.
    On the other hand, offering a service to move mesos from one account to another is free game. ...I think. Been a while since I read the ToS.

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    I don't think they did.

    They probably just found an economical strategy to make more mesos than before. And they're selling it so low.

    Wow. 60$ for 1b. Seriously, wtp?

    EDIT: Just google'd out curiosity and.. look what I've found..

    Even cheaper.


    Mesos is losing its value.



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