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Thread: [Notice] Scheduled Server Maintenance

  1. Default Scheduled Server Maintenance

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    MapleStory will be going through a scheduled maintenance on WEDNESDAY, July 1, 2009.

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    Aww. They must've heard you and updated. Poor little defective nexonites.

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    5 hour maintenance must mean something's getting fixed, probably monster card screwups, since that information is apparently stored on the server.

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    I'm not even going to hold my breath. They'll probably just use that 5 hours to add more NX-only garbage.

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    My guess was padding their overtime by an extra two hours to afford that vacation to maui

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    Aww I just left Maui this morning:(
    Now I don't get to * COUGH* PUNCH *COUGH* I mean say hi to nexon.

  9. Default Server Check

    Hope they fix this mass lag =(

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    Turtle mount for sure, maybe re-adding or removing cash items. I hope they fix the glitches..:(

    EDIT: Is it being too optimistic if I guessed Canada Day events? O_o Although, truthfully, I don't even want them.
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    Bastille day is more likely

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    Or, um, Independence Day? /sarcasm

    Also, Agent cape quest plx, so I can get my perma shoes.
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    Now that we wouldn't like. But if it's fixing the Agent Cape/Monsterbook/other problems, ALONG with adding a few NX items back to the Cash Shop that have mysteriously disappeared, I don't mind that at all.

    I wonder what the pineappleing hell possessed them to take out like half of their hottest selling NX items (Nerdy Glasses, for instance). That especially irks me, because the Nerdy Glasses is basically what makes my character... my character. SuperNerd, NerdyPawnch, BuccaNerd. And my equipped ones are gonna expire soon, too...

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    The Server Maintenance started 16 minutes late.
    And it's for Independence Day, I've found two Independence Day Firecrackers.

    There is more than one type of Firecrackers, the other one I found adds Speed and Jump.

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    5 hours is longer than I expected...lets hope they fix the myriad of broken things.

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    The Agent Cape Quest may not be broken, someone on the Nexon forums said the Quest for it comes into play later on in the Event.

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    Nice, hopefully they'll fix alot of things again.

    But why can they not announce these earlier? Now I didn't get to see if I got any offers on my items in my store... and my merchant store expired so I gotta get a new one first. >_> Will get a stupid spot for sure.

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    Well it was on the website at least 7 hours earlier. That's quite a lot of time to get ready.

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    Well, I went to sleep 1 hour or so before that then. f3

    They should put it there 24 hours earlier or even more, like they always used to back in the days. D:



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