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  1. Default NXPatcher - Create your own pre-patcher & list of Maple FTPs

    Welcome to NXPatcher!
    Written by Fiel in the C/C++ programming languages

    So what is NXPatcher? It's a program I developed in early June 2009. At the time I was extremely frustrated with Nexon's patching system, so I decided to write my own Maplestory pre-patcher and made it open source and free to redistribute. NXPatcher does more than just create pre-patchers, it can also read patch files directly, determine the version of maplestory you're using, split apart pre-patchers, and a lot more! I've spent more than 10 months writing this product and have examined every line of code. If you want a fast way to make Maplestory pre-patchers or if you're looking for freedom from the dreaded Nexon pre-patchers, you've come to the right place!

    Since I wrote this program I have not used a Nexon Pre-patcher once, patched hundreds of times, and saved myself countless headaches. This is the program I trust and use for all of my patching needs.

    Which version to choose? Lite or Advanced?
    If you consider yourself not very computer savvy or just want to make pre-patchers in a very simple way, I recommend that you pick NXPatcher Lite. The Lite version only creates Nexon pre-patchers and does not contain any other features. Choosing NXPatcher Lite is also a good idea if you're interested in making pre-patchers for others. Please view the "Lite - Create Your Own Pre-patcher" spoiler below

    If you are more technical minded, want fine-grained control over the patching process, or want to get away from Nexon pre-patchers, I recommend you pick NXPatcher Advanced. All of the documentation needed to run the Advanced version can be found in the spoilers marked "Advanced" below. Please view the "Advanced - Patch it yourself" spoiler below

    Credit to "Fiel" for the source code isn't required, but appreciated.
    You may use the source code and any binaries in this topic for any use that you require. You may also redistribute this code and all binaries.

    This program is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Nexon Corporation or any of its subsidiaries in any way.
    This program comes as is and with all faults. I, Fiel, disclaim any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Use this program at your own risk.

    Lite - Create your own Pre-patcher

    Lite - Troubleshooting

    Lite - Errors

    Advanced - Patch it yourself

    Advanced - Features & Documentation

    Advanced - INI File Documentation

    Advanced - Troubleshooting

    Maplestory FTPs

    Patch File Format

    Patch File Format - version 2

    Want quick and easy notification of just patches & updates? Follow PatchWatcher on twitter, or visit and monitor just the patches you're interested in.
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  2. Default

    I liked the old-fashioned way (Python) better and I think I'm still going to make pre-patchers with that. :P

    Thanks anyway, Fiel.

  3. DUCKS
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    This one would make a patch way faster due to hardcoding and pointers though.

  4. Default


    Have you actually benchmarked them?

  5. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 170
    Job: White Knight
    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour


    So you consider this premature optimization?

  6. Default

    Thanks Fiel. During the time you haven't updated, I just substituted Spaz's way. It worked like a charm.

  7. Default

    You didn't need updates to use Fiel's python script, if you had the ftp (which was updated, afaik) o_o

    Nice anyhow.

    (Is WzPatchMaker.exe really that simple? Where does ManualPatch.base come from? -nub question-)

  8. Default

    All manual patchers have a defined amount of sections within them:

    1. The EXE file
    2. The Patch file
    3. Notice file
    4. Length notice
    5. Length Patch file
    6. Ending four bytes

    So you can swap in and out the EXE as you'd like. Just download the manual patcher from Nexon's website and rip out the EXE file. That's the ManualPatch.base file.

  9. Default

    wtp fiel you didnt make this in python?!
    im pineappling surprised now

    Also, whats hard to describe?<ver>/000<ver-1>to000<ver>.patch

  10. Default

    I didn't write the code. You'll see I gave credits to the author.

  11. Default

    I like this new way better than Python because now I don't need to install it. Thanks for the tut, Paul. :O

  12. Default

    thanks fiel, your tutorial is pretty self-explaining and easy.

    I first doubted I could do it but it was pretty easy =D

  13. Default

    From some resone my patchbuilder.exe make Eror notice and i can open the program to make Pre patcher (yes i tried Fiel way and i didnt sucssed) can anyone help me?

  14. Default

    thanks for the tut fiel :D

    but any idea on what could make the patcher freeze at MapleStory.exe part?

  15. Default

    If anyone wants to know, TaiwanMS is
    They only keep one patch at a time on the FTP .

  16. Default

    Did the FTP move or something, or is it just down? o_o

  17. Helium Atom
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    I wanna see one for 75 :P

  18. Default


    Edit : Unless you just meant the patch details, or the FTP in general, then I have no idea. Don't listen to me. =x
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