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  1. Default Update - iTCG Redemption Problem

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    This post by Nexon is quite useless. Nothing new, just saying that we're still investigating...=S. I hope to see a deflation in SCGs.

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    In other words..."this is pineappleed and we have no idea what went wrong or how to fix it."

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    No, this is so people don't say "wahh Nexon's forgot about iTCG again."

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    question.. since i dont deal with itcg much at all.. is this the problem thats causing the inflation and rarity of facestompers?

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    Well, the fact that the stuff to make facestompers hasn't been in any of the new iTCG sets has to do with that.

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    is that intended? or is it this^^^^ problem thats causing it

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    Let's put it this way. iTCG is no longer in production, so there won't be anymore Stone Tiger Heads or Taru Totems or Subani Ankhs or Antellion Relics. There are a few codes out there that still contain prizes however, and some of those codes give out Taru Totems and that stuff (but not Stone Tiger Heads AFAIK). Unfortunately, those codes don't work due to the issue Nexon addressed.



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