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  1. Default [1.2.234] Lienne Draws Closer

    New Aran skill icons, skillbooks, and mastery guides

    New wolf mounts

    - Lith Harbor was changed to have a whale transportation. The area below where the large boat is on the left side is carved out to allow the whale to be there.
    - Lienne is added to the world map. It is located to the left of Horntail Cave. The Victoria Island map was changed slightly (look by Lith Harbor).
    - New animated tutorials for newbies

    ...but still no Lienne map data. WHERE IS IT.

  2. Default

    B> Pix, I can't wait

    No traces of more class branches?

  3. Default

    Fiel is it possible for you to render new Lith Harbor :D? Please

  4. Default

    I hope these don't look lame.

  5. Default

    Those new skill icons look great. I guess the new mounts are Aran exclusive. right? not CS ones
    I wonder if they're gonna create some high lvl monsters for the surroundings of Lienne. I'd like to see at least, the implementation of Lycantropes in there (they're one of the most bad ass monsters in MS) as trainable mobs.
    I can't wait either
    Thanks for the update.

  6. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Vernacular
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 100
    Job: Striker
    Guild: EllinForest


    I'm kinda confused on the mounts. ;;
    They have separate heads?

  7. Default

    The head and body are rendered separately. It's the same way as with the wild boar mount. It allows the head to move independently of the body to give a bobbing effect.

  8. Default

    Probably means the heads animate seperately from bodies is all.

    I just got Chin-ninja'd.

  9. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Vernacular
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 100
    Job: Striker
    Guild: EllinForest


    Ohhhh ok, and do they have the regular saddle or do they go bareback?

  10. Default

    There is a saddle, but it's nothing fancy.

  11. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Vernacular
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 100
    Job: Striker
    Guild: EllinForest


    Ohmk, ok I'm patching my kMST now.
    Well, I have to reinstall cause I forgot to patch a while back so yea. >_>
    I'll get some SSes asap!

  12. Default

    Looking good so far!

    I thought of something like this awhile back that each class branch should have their own distinct version of a mount. I don't mean one for each class such as warrior, magician, etc. I mean like one determined by your second job branch that you picked, so crusader and hero would get their own version, priest and bishop get their own version, etc. I in particular was just annoyed by that lack of variety in mounts. This seems sort of similar to what I envisioned, but instead of two mounts that are decided by your second job branch, you get four based on your job. I kind of think a mount at level 50 is too convenient for them, but this new race just might need a mount more based on their playing style. I hope they revise the mount system for the adventurer race eventually, but I think it's not very likely.

  13. Default

    This class is looking more and more epic by the patch.

  14. Default

    o.o! 4 skill books to get. Defintely wanting it to be hard..hope most are quest related not drops.

  15. Default

    Wow. I really can't wait for Lienne to come out. I hope the BGMs will be nice.

    The mounts are great.. and wow, their level 200 mount is even better than Adventurers' one (200 speed), isn't it?


    Why is there just a 30 Mastery Book of this skill, and not a 20 one?



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