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  1. Default Art resources and links

    I.2D & 3D Programs
    The Gimp
    OpenCanvas 1.1 Download
    Shi Painter (google it)

    Google SketchUp

    [Not Free]

    Adobe products (
    Free 30 day trials, though.

    Adobe Photoshop CS3
    Adobe Flash
    Adobe illustrator (vector)

    PaintShop Pro X
    Corel Painter IX
    Opencanvas 4
    Autodesk Maya(There's a personal learning edition for free)

    Also, Right Hemisphere has some products.

    II.References and tutorials

    Tutorials section from ConceptArt
    Tutorials from DeviantArt
    There's also a tut section at CGsociety.

    I really like This one.

    III.Misc (Stock site)
    Online Magazines
    Adobe magazine
    2D Artist Magazine Full version not free, only Lite version is.
    Image Hosting

    *Not done, will update*
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    -cough- -cough-

    In my experience, and are the best for renders.

    I may upload my pack of like. . . 300? C4D's if you want.

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    Wow, this will be useful. Maybe people who've used certain programs can add little comments as to what it does and stuff like that, since there are so many.

  4. Default

    Great, Autodesk bought Maya? Autodesk company sucks a lot. Their 3DCG software seems riddled with bugs and fatal errors. Blender on the other hand I've heard was made by people who actually use it (they have a bizarre interface though).

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    just out of curiosity, are there any illustrator tutorials out there i could use?

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    For anyone interested in doing animated GIFs in a basic set-up (set number of frames, basically copy+paste in images or use the simple "Paint" like tools.

    The actual download for Jasc Animation Shop v3.11 is here.

    Where i found the link is here.

    No reg key is required and I have tested it to be working in the past. The version apparently isnt supported by Jasc (now Corel) anymore, but its still a good program, at least way easier than most other GIF animators.

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    More drawing programs:

    Paint tool Sai



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