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  1. Default Hey, you, I/L Mage. Yeah you.

    I made an Excel spreadsheet. Want moar?

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    Imma bishop though..

  3. Default

    Composition and Thunder Spear?

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    Hellz yeah. Add CL and Blizz, plox.

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    Nice. More 3rd and 4th job attacks please, if not too much trouble.

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    Isn't it better just to have a field to type in Spell Attack instead of having a new table for each attack? Just curious since I don't know how you're deriving the tables.

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    If you want to constantly refer to what the basic attacks of all your moves are, sure that'd be more efficient. Also, you'd have to calculate what it would be after Amp, and that can lead to errors, etc.. However, I'm under the basic assumption that people don't want to do all of this. This offers at-a-glance damage totals and doesn't increase the clutter too much

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    I'd find an accurate damage calculator very useful right about now, as I plan my skill set for early fourth job, so yes! The addition of Arch Mage skills would be very helpful as I think about things like when to start adding points into Blizzard! (Sorry if they're in the actual spreadsheet, as I don't have time to download it right now.)

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    Could you also add elemental wands and magic claw? While many people don't have ele wands, it'd be nice to know how much a damage boost you'd get if you invest in one without doing the math ourselves for every single attack...

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    Increase you Matt. 25% for the main type attack
    and 10% for 2ndary.

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    Do elemental wands allow a person to go above the 1999 magic limit?

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    It adds as a multiply right?
    so it should.
    Like since it doesn't ACTUALLY just ADD stats.
    It just multiplies by .25
    I think>?
    ask fiel he would know.

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    Apparently not.

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    haha oh wow.

    From what I've been told, Elemental Wands and Staves is like having another Amp. Though no one has confirmed this, I have seen two different formulas in the past. No idea which one it really is, but

    (Elemental_Amplification% + Elemental_Weapon% -100)

    140% + 125% - 100
    1.40 * 1.25

    Haven't heard anything about changing MA though. Naturally just assumed it was a Base Attack modifier.

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    (Elemental_Amplification%)*(Elemental_Weapon%) is correct.

    And to Fiel if you mean that a person with 1999 magic wearing an E-wand would show their magic being 2498, then no the boost is applied on the regular calculated damage of the attack not directly to the stats. So for someone with 1234 magic hitting 100k regularly, with a 25% boost from an ele wand he would still have 1234 magic but hit 125k instead.

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    I don't think that Elemental Weapons and Amp are multiplied. I think they're added. If I add on +25% damage to my amped damage, it comes out high. However, if I look at my damage without amp, multiply that by .25, then add it on to amp it comes out more accurately.

    An ele weapon + amp = 165%. An ele weapon * amp= 175%. Does any other AM wanna help with this?

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    What attack are you using to test this Blizzard? If not maybe you aren't seeing the full range of values, but the wand's bonuses do multiply onto amped damage.

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    They are multiplied, I am very sure of this. If I multiply by 1,4 then by 1,25 from my poison wand, I get a theoretical max of 10847 with lvl 1 Paralyze. If I multiply by 1,65 I get 10228. I have seen Paralyze doing around 10750, so it surely gets multiplied.

    1,75 for the first element, 1,54 for the second. Can't proove the second of course, since 1,54 and 1,5 are so closely together.



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