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  1. Default Centenarian Anniversary 2x Level up & XP Gain

    Here's a special edition summary of the anniversary 2x period.


    World by world
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    Oh, I was also wondering how the average exp gain compares to a normal weekend. Interesting though :P I see a lot of guildies in the Bera section...

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    oh my god... 32 levels?????


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    Update pending. It got meta-mathmatical on me when I told it to show two days and decided that Sunday vs Monday was two days... but of course that's really just one day's worth of data.

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    There's something wrong with your results. I'm sure I gained over 1b EXP and it only says 450k; that goes for a lot of other people, too.

    Edit: Nevermind, Mr. Parish is awesome!
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    Your strike out no worky.

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    Are you sure none of them were haxors? Doesnt matter if they are 90% of those IGNs should be banned according to nexon ToS.


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    Whether or not they're hackers has no bearing on the matter.
    This post is a statement of very simple fact, and that fact is, however they earned their XP/Levels, these are the top 10 for each respective category who were on rank at the time.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Aww, i didn't make it to the top 10 pirates in my server.

    I guess a few level ups when you're 14x+ easily surpasses the exp gained from 106-117. >_>

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    Yeah, like any of the top 10 in Scania weren't leeching >_>

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    Woot, I was the NL who got more EXP in all of Mardia.(HOFE is a leecher; does not count)

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    I can't even begin to fathom the amount of leech buyers and 8x abusers there.

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    This list counts all ign's on the rankings who are lvl 100 or higher. There is no distinction between leecher and non leecher on nexons rankings so u still lost.

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    I saw my name on there a few times. xD Along with the people I was training with.

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    That is your opinion, leechers do not exist in my mind.

    Mr. Parish, you are my hero.
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    Yeah. True dat.

    YAY! GO CHASE! (#10 in Mardia under Mages) WOOT!

    And of course, Tonkpils, Dee and Shawn, Luvypoo and Mr. IHateLeechersAndIAmTheLordOfMardia are up there.
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