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  1. Default Boxes Stopped Early

    Boxes appear to have stopped dropping around 10 am PT.

    Gold dried up, so I checked harps and not a silver there.

    Anyone see them dropping still?

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    I thought boxes were supposed to stop now but the keys are still available till the patch?


    Note: Gachapon boxes will stop dropping on May 6th, 2009, however the keys will be available for purchase until May 7th, 2009.

    Yeah looks like they ended it a bit early if indeed they have stopped dropping.
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    Lol @ getrichquick scheme.

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    It makes sense. It gives people one more day to open any more boxes before they change them again. :X

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    That and boxes started dropping a day before keys came out, so they want to give the same amount of time O: (at least, thats what I think :D)

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    It annoyed me they didn't do it this way the last times.
    It just makes sense to give people an extra day to use the boxes after the supply has ceased.

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    Derp.. this caught me off guard.

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    Figured this out after I got no silver boxes from hoodoos during my 2x on my xbow (sniper nao~)
    My 2x started right as they stopped dropping, odd coincedence xD

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    sry, can I ask a quick one, how long did the gold box event last for gms? maplesea doesn't have an announced end date....



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