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  1. Question 6th jobs incoming!!

    On the one hand a part of me thinks its neat that Maplestory is still adding things but on the other hand, one has to wonder who exactly is Nexon trying to appeal to here? Maplestory was often criticized for being too hard or for taking too long to make progress. Typically only a small % of players would reach the highest job level, like 4th job for example. Unless I am misreading something the new system sounds very grind intensive and not casual friendly in any way. I mean that's nice that there is new stuff but how many people are sincerely excited to actually play through any of this? I thought the population hated daily quest hell or anything like that?

    (Extra questions for anyone who left the game: Would you return for 6th job? If no then what would you like to see changed for Maplestory to gain more players?)

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    Default Re: 6th jobs incoming!!

    Who is Nexon trying to appeal to here?
    Their players. The ones who have maxed out their 5th job skills and were clamoring for new power.
    Maplestory is an online game, and as such, its purpose is to exist forever. It has to keep adding new content and new things to hold players' attention, or at least their time. Otherwise people will "finish the game" and leave. As for new players, they are given faster and faster means to "catch up" to where everyone else is. We've been calling 1-200 "tutorial" for a while now, and now it seems Nexon is pushing for 260 to be where the game actually starts.

    Personally I'm not impressed with 6th job.
    When they came out with 5th job, they intentionally made it expandable, and outright said that "6th job will never be needed, because 5th can grow indefinitely". They've been releasing new sets of 5th job skill periodically. But players kept asking "6th job when" so I guess Nexon decided that they'll call the next wave of 5th job skills "6th job".
    5th job was a completely different system from the previous ones, but 6th is really just more of the same as 5th - except harder and slower. No imagination put into it at all. Just as Grandis "Sacred Force" is exactly the same as Arcane River "Arcane Force" - except harder and slower.

    I really hope the new director can get some fresh ideas into the game.



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