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  1. Cash7 Duplicate UI settings between characters

    I intend to make a few characters for linked skills, and I wanted to make the setup process go more smoothly by copying the keybind / quickslot settings instead of assigning them individually each time. How is this best achieved?

    I found a data file in the installation location called Data.wz (see image) that was created and last modified at the time of installation / first character creation. Since it's not modified despite my customization, I imagine this is not the place to look. I'm just curious what this file contains.

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    Default Re: Duplicate UI settings between characters

    The keybinds are stored server-side. If you log in to that char on a different PC, your key settings will still be as you set them on the first PC.

    Your per-computer preferences (such as full/windowed mode, or sound levels, or auto-pot thresholds (why???)) are stored in the registry.



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